This is by far the only leave in product that nourishes and softens my hair without making it oily! And by far this is the most fragrant haircare product I own as it smells a lot like honey! 

I have always loved Essential's products and this is no exception. This is their hair essence. 

I discovered this product when I received a tiny sample of this from the Essential shampoo and conditioner set I bought months back. Prior to that, I only had an idea of Essential's deep conditioner and their shampoo and conditioner lines and not this one. Heck, I didn't even know that they had a hair water health spray and that they were the one that provided conditioners for Liese's hair color boxes!

So I was surprised to see that a relatively thick conditioner came out because with the name hair essence I was expecting some sort of translucent serum to come out. This is not as thick and emollient as their wash off conditioners, but for a leave in product the consistency is thick. You can see that I can flip my wrist and it won't fall off... 

So this is my baby sample beside the legit bottle I bought for myself. I doscovered that this turns out to be a really good product when we went to Taiwan. I brought it along as a leave in product, but realized that I could skip wash off conditioner and use this alone after shampooing! It was only after my supply of wash off conditioner ran out (we were there for six days so it was quite hard to bring a sample sized product that would last for that long) did I start using this. I realized that my hair got nourished even if this is really lightweight on the scalp. 

It was then that I started to take this along on trips and just take shampoo sachets with me. At least I can save time in the restroom and have more time for shopping because I only need to massage a small amount of this onto my damp hair and my hair is already soft and shiny all day. My hair doesn't feel dry or frizzy, yet doesn't feel oily even when it's hot. This is definitely a must-have product for travel.  

In Japanese it's described as a hair treatment, actually. For this big bottle, they recommend that you apply two to three pumps of this onto towel dried hair. They also recommend blow drying as follow through, though I personally just put this on my hair and leave it to dry naturally. 

For those concerned, these are the ingredients. It smells so good because of the honey scent. As in my hair smells like sweet and fruity honey after putting this in! I also like that a bottle can keep for three years so I can use this slowly and enjoy this. Either way, the big bottle isn't so big, and I'm certain that I'd be able to finish it in less than three years. I also think that I can always dispense this onto my sample sized bottle or other travel sized bottles which is why I don't necessarily need to bring this bigger bottle in trips. 

What I also like about this is that this, and almost all other Kao products, are truly made in Japan. I think a lot of you have seen Vidal Sassoon shampoos and conditioners with Japanese text in stores here only to find out that it's made in Vietnam or China. At least for this one, this is a legit Made in Japan product that comes in an affordable price.

The box comes with a photo of a honey comb and is boasts honey oil, and a lot of Essential's products come either with honey essence or honey fragrance or both.

 I really hope that someone starts distributing this in the Philippines soon because Essential is just such a good and affordable brand that I'm certain a lot of Pinoys will love this.

I got this bottle for 114NT (approx Php200) so in terms of value for money, given how little I use each time and how nice and affordable this is, it's really worth the purchase. I just love Essential!

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