Say hello to the lip product with an identity crisis! 

Or well, I guess I shouldn't have phrased it that way because I'm actually thankful that Tony Moly's Kiss Lover Lip Master works as lipstick, lip gloss, mild lip balm, and lip tint ALL AT THE SAME TIME. 

I am serious. It's a product that you are bound to love because of how good it is at multitasking. 

So it comes in a box more or less the same size as the usual lipstick box...

 Ideally, this is more or less as big as your usual lipstick, but a bit bulkier because it's got a square shape instead of a round one. The benefit though is that this will not roll off your desk, and I think that this will be especially helpful if you're doing your makeup on a bus, a car, or somewhere shaky like an airplane. There is nothing worse than picking up something from the depths of an airplane, and I'm certain all of you can relate. 

For the chemically concerned individuals, here are the ingredients. Please do note that this product contains methylparaben, but only in a small proportion given that it's the last item listed in the ingredients list. 

The packaging is lovely, just don't get your fingerprints on it hahahaha... 

This shade I was sent is Shade #3 or Sexy Red. 

The moment you open it up, it looks like a tomato red with a little hint of cherry. This is most definitely not your red velvet kind of red, but the thing I love about it is that is has no touch of orange. It's still in the family of red. 

And can I just say that this product will remind you of sago gulaman because it smells a lot like banana essence. The ingredients say that it has mango oil, and maybe that could also be contributing to the scent, but in general, expect this to be a banana essence slash tropical slash mango smelling product. 

This is the arm swatch to kinda illustrate what I'm saying. It's red, but not blood red nor red velvet red. I think it's cherry tomato red. And I think this arm swatch also shows that you can put a really tiny amount just to get a healthy tint on your lips, and you can also slather it generously for a pouty lip gloss effect. 

This is the lip swatch with the product slathered generously. But do expect that even when dried, it will still maintain a vivid color, just without the glossy effect. 

The main thing I appreciated about this product is that though it may show my dry lips up close, it does not do so afar. Like if in real life you can get to this kind of view on my lips, I think you must probably be 1cm away from my face hahahaha. 

I also love that it does not feather out. As in I can apply this without any lip liner or base, and expect that it will dry up to a nice tint and not spread out or feather out. The wear is extremely comfortable, as in it's not too hot on the lips (which happens when the lippie is too thick or pigmented), stays moist for about 3 hours, and like I said, keeps its color throughout the day. 

The other main thing I loved about this shade specifically is that it's a red I can wear to school and everyday occasions. I have red velvet kind of red products, and whenever I wear them, my mother is usually frightened because it's too dramatic. I may generally have light skin, but there are many many reds out there that look great in photos but are just too shocking in real life. 

I really recommend this for all the school, office, and working ladies out there because this is the kind of shade that can give you a nice, healthy overall look, without being too shocking, overpowering, or inappropriate. Also, since it wears relatively long, and leaves a nice tint, you can like wear this in the morning and still look presentable at 3 or 4 in the afternoon. 

And this is what I mean by a nice tint. 

To kind of give you a perspective on how nice and natural it is, here is a photo of my pale lips without any product. 

AAAAAAND, you can also use this product for the perfect, most natural gradient lip!!! Simply dab on and blend after every few strokes or so on the middle area on the lips. Alternate puckering up and blending with the finger until a nice color is achieved on the middle of the lips. 

My tip here is to not apply too much product because it may spread out onto the whole area of the lips immediately. Slowly add color, and always dab and pucker after each addition of color. To add, use the applicator to dab, not stroke. This is so that you can get the product as thinly as possible on the lips. If you add product too thickly, it will just spread out later on, but if you apply the product thinly enough that it's just a strong tint on the lips, it will stay put. 

After I got the effect that i wanted on the lips, I simply used a lip brush and applied lip gloss. What I did was I did not apply gloss onto the whole of the lips, I just applied (using the brush) gloss on the side areas of my lips. To just blend everything in, I just puckered up gently a few times.

To the curious folks out there, this is my lip tar brush, and the gloss is Urban Decay's gloss in Naked. You can, however, use whatever gloss that you want as long as it's more or less transparent or translucent, and glosses with microglitters also help for a cuter pout. 

Overall, I really really love this product. It's got a really flattering shade, is comfortable to wear, and leaves a nice tint all day. To add, I love how it can multitask as so many lip products, and makes for the perfect gradient lip. I do think that every Pinay should have this as it can do so many things for the lips, and in an emergency, I think this will also work perfectly as cheek tint. 

This can be purchased for Php598 at all Tony Moly stores nationwide. It may seem a bit pricey, but relative to the number of uses it provides, and how few times a day you need to apply this, I think that you'd be able to use this kind of product for a reasonably long amount of time, and that the color is flattering that it can be used for plenty of occasions. 

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me by the marketing team of Tony Moly, but I was not paid nor compensated nor bribed in any way to do this post. I did this post on my own volition, and my opinions are fair and unbiased. I'm serious, get this tint, it will change your life. 

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