Hoooraaaaay!!! Etude House is now in TriNoma! I know they opened a lot of branches this year and all, but this means a lot to me because I live in the area, and I have always had a hard time whenever I'm in TriNoma but want to visit an Etude House store because either I'd have to not visit for the trip or I'd have to walk all the way to SM North. I know I sound so lazy saying this, but like when you just want a short trip, the additional 10-15 minutes you have to devote to walk to the other mall and possibly another round walking back is kind of a hassle. 

This explains why i'm so happy. And weeell, the second major thing that makes me so happy about this branch is that Etude House already stepped up their interior design game and they've already implemented the new concept stores, this store being one of them. This already looks like a lot Hong Kong Etude House stores. And for those who also frequent the store, I think you'll see in the photos I have here that they have more stair-like display racks, which is why a lot of the products are already prominently seen. The old design stores do have racks, but not as display-efficient as these.  

And I guess what drove me and my mom crazy is this chandelier with ballerinas on it. Actually, the whole store is brimming with ballerina figures, but to see it on the chandelier is just so pretty. Huhuhu I spent a good minute staring at the ceiling because of this. 

This store is smaller than the boutique they have at The Block, but they have used space more efficiently. However, they made a larger area for the brushes in this branch. It's also the first time I'm also seeing the decor with all sorts of brushes stuck on it because I also just saw it in Hong Kong.

I think you guys know by now that I super love the ambience of the store. 

And well let me take a moment to be happy that our Play nail polish collection is expanding. This is still not yet as complete as the ones in Hong Kong or Singapore, but at least we're getting there. 

And this new product intrigued me. I have yet to see how to make this product work, but I think it comes with a special spoon inside with some sort of mask or sleeping pack. I will hoard this one of these days and tell you guys what I think. 

And hooray look at the extensive lipppie section! I am soooo loving Dear My Wish lipsticks but I'm controlling myself from buying them because I recently bought two Dear My Blooming lipsticks recently.  

If I'm not mistaken, this also seems to be a new product, and I really want to get this on my next visit because the packaging is just so cute! I'm not sure if it's really cute or that I'm only fixated on it because it's lilac color, nonetheless, I really want to get this sometime in the near future. 
 Woohoo! Congratulations again, Etude House! 
And to the people who had to walk all the way to SM North, rejoice! 

I do see myself visiting this store quite often in the future because aside from it being in the area and having super nice interiors, a lot of the salesladies who entertain me when I'm at SM transferred here so I guess I'll be visiting them and all hahah. And as for the small photos, I'm sorry as I decided not to bring my SLR as I was shopping for other stuff too and decided to use my momma's iPhone to take these photos instead. 

Okaaay to end this post this branch is at level M1, near Mercury Drug. Please note that this is near the Mercury Drug that is near the activity center, NOT the one near Landmark grocery and Starbucks. I got lost awhile ago because I went to the wrong Mercury Drug outlet hahaha. It's right across Karimadon. If all else fails, ask the information counter ladies on how to get here.  

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