You've seen all the individual reviews within this week so it's now time for me to give a roundup post of my Lip Tar kit! 

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For starters, lip tars are lippies made by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Initially, they were made as a hippie kind of product-- the colors were mostly the primary colors, and it was up to the customer to mix the colors to get a desired shade.

Initial reactions were good because the products were really pigmented, had good staying power, and they were paraben free and instead had peppermint oil as a preservative.

 I think it was a combo of the mainstay customers getting tired of mixing and the demand from mass consumers to have this in more shades that they expanded the collection and made a lot of the lippies in ready made colors already. They still have the primary colors kit (with blue, yellow, red, black and white), but for most consumers, they have come up with kits like these.

I like this kit because this is a good way to introduce someone to the lip tar system. It's got colors representing the "families" of lippies. I mean that you can get a mellow pinkish shade, a hot pink shade, a red shade, and a vampy one. OCC does come up with other sets, but the sets are either too big (as in are you willing to shell out Php3600 for a 12 piece set right away), or the sets are bunched up. As in you can get these in sets of three or four, but the set would be three neutrals or three pinks or four reds, not a set representing the spectrum. 

And with these four lip tars you can already come up with a lot of colors because you can mix lip tars. You can mix them on your lip, mix them and keep them in a jar, or you can also make gradient lips using these babies. 

The kit came with this tiny brush. Apologies if it seems dirty as I had used the brush prior to taking this photo. I realized that this can be cleaned best by the Sigma Brush cleaning glove and not with tissue doused with rubbing alcohol (the one I used to clean this right before taking this photo) 

I personally like this brush as it's efficient in applying lip tars and virtually every other lippie I had. I only wished that I had this in their larger size because I always have this fear that this is soooo small that I might lose it somewhere. 

The kit has four colors. From right to left, there's Memento, Anime, NSFW and Black Dahlia. 

Memento is this salmon-ey meaty color. In depth review right here

Anime is a very very shocking hot pink color. It's very bluish tone. In depth review right here

NSFW is a true, primary, neutral red. In depth review right here

Black dahlia is a blackened red. In depth review right here

In general, lip tars last a really long time on the lips (we're talking 3 or more hours here), and they're able to stay even after the wearer has eaten. A lot of them also leave a nice stain on the lips. They feel nice on the lips because they're minty, they feel cool and refreshing on the lips, and smell really sweet. Color wise, they're really pigmented and will go really opaquely. They pack a lot of color. 

The downside is that they have a tendency to amplify dry lips, as in their shiny finish tends to make the dry patches more defined and makes them sparkle. You can use this on moist lips normally, but for dry lips, you'd have to treat the lips with a lip balm which you'll wipe off prior to applying this. They also have a tendency to get put on the teeth, so while they're long lasting, I always tell my clients to watch their teeth, especially those clients with bigger teeth. 

You'd see in my reviews that not all four colors are showstoppers, but I still think that this kit as a kit is a holy grail product because it's a good kit to start with, regardless if you want to start with the lip tar system or just want to start being a makeup junkie overall. The color spectrum representation is really good, and the size is also good for most consumers. 

These are mini lip tars, not full sized ones-- they are about 1/4 the volume of the full sized ones. You only need a very very small amount of product to cover the surface area of your lips, it's barely impossible to finish a tube especially if that's not the only lippie you're using. For consumers this kit of mini's is a good way to not overstock too much product that may just end up getting spoiled or ruined before you even reach halfway. For makeup artists, this can be a helpful kit as it's very small, but if your clients already have favorites, you can make do without this and buy the colors they like in the full size instead. 

The only major issue I had with this is more of on the online reseller's side and not the product's aspects. The moment I received this, the lip tars were spilling out of the spout. As in when you lift the lid they're all messed up on the spout and the interior of the lid. But when I had ordered lip tars from someone else, that was not the case-- as in the lid and spout were clean, and you can really see the product nearing the edge of the spout but not beyond the spout. 

Memento seemed 2/3 consumed, and Black Dahlia was beyond 1/2 consumed. Anime and NSFW were almost full. I felt these things because the first two colors I mentioned were hard to get out of the tube as there was more air than product in the tube, while the latter two come out easily and their tubes seem brimming with product. I have also tried to put these down on a desk untouched for three days and after settling, you'd see that some tubes were more full than others. I think I have good reason to believe that the lip tars were tampered with and/or reduced before being sent to me. Or that these had been used for quite some time and the seller thought that it wouldn't be that hard to hide the fact that they were used because these aren't like lipsticks that will show obvious marks and scratches once used.

I don't want to name names of the store here on this post as I am not 100% sure with this claim (if you dig my blog hard enough I think you'd find them too), and if they were to read this and if they can give me a no nonsense logical explanation, then I may drop these claims. But I also want this to be a warning to be careful with where you buy your products because not all sellers are good and honest. 

I got this kit itself for Php1500 from the seller. 

It's not very common to see people sell this kit itself, so I wish you all luck if you're really after this kit. 

If you're after these shades but individually, or if you want just one, you can get mini ones from Pro Tools Cebu (on IG) at Php500 a pop, I think. And you can also get this from at full size at about Php780, if you're willing to wait more than a month or more (they have this habit to just inform you that an item is out of stock once your order has arrived or is arriving in less than 3 days time). In real life, you can also get full sized ones at Purebeauty for Php800-900, but they do not have as much shades as the online stores.

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