I know you've seen my review of Memento so it's now time for something more shocking. This is OCC's Lip Tar in Anime, and this has been one of the most difficult lippies to photograph because its shock factor just doesn't come out in photos that it's guilt tripping. I feel bad actually that even after almost a hundred takes with this lippie, I still could not do justice and illustrate how shocking it is. 

This is how the tube looks like. From the tube alone it already looks like this super shocking hot pink color. It's bluish toned in general, and at first glance it'll remind you of NARS' Schiap, NYX's Addis Ababa SMLC, and Lime Crime's Pink Velvet Velvetine. 

For those concerned with the ingredients, here you go. 

These arm swatches were the most difficult arm swatches I've done because no matter how hard I try, I just can't capture the shock factor in the photos. I mean these colors are more or less the colors in real life, but the shock factor is much more prevalent in real life. 

On the lips, it looks a bit lighter than it was in the tube. But it still remains a shocking hot pink. Since it's very bluish toned, it does a good job in making the teeth look whiter. 

And like every other lip tar, this has the tendency to go to the teeth, especially for those who have big teeth. Watch out, rabbit toothed friends. 

On the lips, in general it's so shocking that it will undoubtedly become the focal point on your face. This is a good thing for those days when you're so haggard and you want the attention to your lips instead of your tired face. This color will be able to liven up your whole look, but a lot of times, it'll be too shocking to be considered acceptable. 

And like every lip tar, use this after moisturizing the lips to avoid unsightly cracks. 

Overall, it will really be the focal point on your face, as illustrated by this photo. It's the most intense and shocking pink I have encountered, and definitely this is not for the faint of heart.

For daily use, people will light skin will have to tone this down because it's really that loud. For people with darker skins, depending on the situation, you may or may not need to tone this down. I personally see this as a shade geared for evening affairs and parties. It's a showstopping pink that will go with many outfits and bring an otherwise simple look together. 

The nice thing about this too is that it leaves a nice stain once it's off. 

I got this from a 4 piece kit for Php1500. This is mini size and is 2.5 mL versus the real sized ones that are 10mL each, so please do not be shocked if the large tubes are sold at Php800 a tube in most stores. 

You can get mini ones from Pro Tools Cebu (on IG) at Php500 a pop, I think. And you can also get this from nyxwholesaleph.com at full size at about Php780, if you're willing to wait more than a month or more (they have this habit to just inform you that an item is out of stock once your order has arrived or is arriving in less than 3 days time). In real life, you can also get this at Purebeauty for Php800-900, but they do not have as much shades as the online stores.

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