This is a lip tar I'll be reaching out less often than the others, for several reasons.

Primarily, it's an obviously vampy color that there are few occasions that call for this kind of lippie. I mean you'd usually only be able to sport this in special parties, as in not just any party because it's too vampy. It'd usually have to be a costume party, a 1930's themed party to be exact, before you'd be able to comfortably sport this color. 

This was a bit of a challenge to photograph because the product is so black and they did not put white markings on the tube so it's a challenge to get the black print out to appear. This is supposedly a blackened red, but I honestly felt that it was already more of a berry color because the redness is very very faint. I honestly find this one shade away from black because that's how dark it is.

You can probably right click on this photo and view it if it's not zoomed enough, but by far this is the best I could come up with because even in real life I could barely read the print due to the color of the product. 

I think the arm swatch is enough to demonstrate its weaknesses-- a.k.a uneven application and feathering. This is of course expected in darker colors, but I guess this formula is too glossy to accommodate such a color that the application looks so uneven. 

On the lips I think the feathering part is more apparent. I had a really hard time to get this on me because if I applied more on the sides, it'll spill out, but at this rate, it is also very obviously feathered and cracked. 

I think the fish eye lens exacerbates the feathering further... this is the kind of lippie that you'd really have to buy a lip pencil in its color just to avoid this effect.

And though it's one of the blackest shades out there, when seen in harsher lighting, this amplifies the dry patches on the lips the most. 

And among all the lip tars, this is the worst in staining the teeth. Even just for these swatches it was a struggle to get the product on my lips and not get it on my teeth.

I don't really think that this is a bad product overall or something cursed because I know I can always mix this with other lip tars and other lippies to get colors that I want-- colors that will apply evenly and not be that feathered. I am aware that these problems are stemming from the color and the generic formula of lip tars, not because the company makes awful stuff. 

This can immediately darken any lippie, and since it's got a reddish undertone, there are a lot of flattering color combos that can be conceived if this is mixed with reds and pinks. You can also experiment with this as blush and as eyebrow product if you're into the wild side. 

And the other reason why this product isn't really cursed is because it leaves one of the most beautiful tints I've ever seen. I honestly would wear this like 6 hours before going to a party, let it dry and fade on its own, then either leave the house like this or top with a nice gloss. The tint it leaves is really regal. 

I got this from a 4 piece kit for Php1500. This is mini size and is 2.5 mL versus the real sized ones that are 10mL each, so please do not be shocked if the large tubes are sold at Php800 a tube in most stores. 

You can get mini ones from Pro Tools Cebu (on IG) at Php500 a pop, I think. And you can also get this from at full size at about Php780, if you're willing to wait more than a month or more (they have this habit to just inform you that an item is out of stock once your order has arrived or is arriving in less than 3 days time). In real life, you can also get this at Purebeauty for Php800-900, but they do not have as much shades as the online stores.

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