If there is such a thig as hassle free shoping, I think this is it. I never thought that items ordered abroad could ever reach me in a record 1 week. I know it's crazy, but there's now such a miracle called Luxola that allows things like this to happen. 

The folks at Luxola were nice enough to give me the Luxola experience by sending me one of their newest flagship products in their luxury division called RevitaLash. RevitaLash is basically an eyelash conditioner that promises to lengthen and thicken lashes, and actually deliver results. I wasn't supposed to receive this actually, as I was initially contacted by their PR team to supposedly blog about another brand. The brand decided to back out later on, so the folks at Luxola decided to let me try RevitaLash instead. This usually doesn't happen-- if a brand backs out, the blogger no longer gets anything-- so that explains how nice they are. As for trying RevitaLash, since I have the typical Chinese girl straight eyelashes, I was also very curious to give this product a try. 

 I have been hearing about Luxola for quite some time now, but I honestly never really gave it a lot of thought because I knew that the company has its headquarters in Singapore. I thought to myself that it was probably not a great way to shop as the package will probably take a quarter to arrive from Singapore (I kid you not the other time I had blogged about something from Singapore the item took almost two and a half months to arrive), and that I'd still probably have to pick up the parcel from the post office. Well, I was wrong. Like sooooo wrong.

The lovely folks at Luxola last communicated with me 2 weeks ago, and on my invoice, it read that it (the invoice) was prepared on New Year's Eve. I received the package yesterday, not through going to the post office, but really receiving the item on our doorstep, and it hasn't been even at 2 weeks since I spoke with them. Just the fact that there's no need to visit the post office already makes this great. And the fact that items arrive within a week's time (since the invoice was prepared less than a week ago) makes this even a more viable shopping option for us Pinays.

This is probably not the best-est, most viable way to shop for Christmas gifts for friends as our Philippine Christmas season can get really crazy with all the imports coming in and all the issues related to customs, but for occasions that you know will pop up every year, like birthdays and graduation ceremonies, the 1 week is short enough that you can get a relevant present for the person in time for the occasion. I have also yet to see a baby magically conceived then born on the next day so till then, the less-than-1-week time span is short enough to get someone a fabulous push present.

Also, if you're just shopping for yourself, if you're not in a really really sticky situation wherein you need the product ASAP, there are a lot of finds in the website that are cheaper than the prices online sellers here sell them for. There's also a great selection as they have a lot of hard-to-find brands like 3 Concept Eyes, REN, SK-II, and basically many other brands we will probably not see being sold in Philippine soil in our lifetimes.

If you do visit their website, you'll see that their Sigma products are priced the same way as the US prices are, so if you need something Sigma and you can wait a week or so, shopping with Luxola is waaaaaaaay more worth it than getting ripped off by some sellers here (I say some because not everyone is a rip off hahaha).

Okay, before I digress further, this is the package I received from them. It's a bubble wrap bag in all its glory.

For the people who are afraid that someone will tamper with the package along the long journey, worry not as the bag comes with such a tamper evident seal that I think it's enough to deter most curious (or dare I say pakialamera) people from tinkering with the package. 

I kid you not when I say tamper evident because as you can see the plastic gets ripped and all while opening the package. 

And by the time you do open the Luxola bag, you will be met with another bag of bubble wrap, which is just as tamper evident as the previous bag. 

Upon opening the bag, I am met with the product and a folder containing press information about RevitaLash. RevitaLash has a sister product for the eyebrows called RevitaBrow and it's doing just as well as its eyelash counterpart. 

They sent me photos of magazines featuring the magazine and the ad placements they do and indeed, there are a lot of praises being sung about Revitalash. Witweww. 

 The product itself is really tiny, and here's a photo to show that it's just as sleek as a tube of lip gloss. However, this tube does pack a punch because this tiny little tube is good for three months' worth of use, or longer if you don't use it very, very often.

And for the folks who have reservations about trying the product, here are some photos of the pamphlet it came with and some information about the product and its ingredients. 

This product is part of Luxola's luxury range, and is one of the latest additions to the website, and for the tube I got (the 3.5mL) tube, it costs Php6376.50 a pop. While it may be pricey, given how much hype there is about it online and on magazines, I'm certain that it delivers amazing results. I am so excited to try it for myself and see how it will work for me. 

You can go to www.luxola.com to get your fix of beauty products, or if you're thinking about getting yourself a tube of RevitaBrow (since RevitaLash is temporarily sold out right now), you can head on to this link to start shopping straight away. 


Since Luxola is filled with lovely people who work there who want you guys to experience the Luxola experience, they're giving out a 15% off on all first time orders made between 6th Jan - 28th Feb for those who will use the promo code BLX-MARI at checkout! 

Please note though that the code is not applicable to the following brands: Dercos by Vichy, Dr. Wu Clinical Skincare, Real Techniques, SkinCeuticals, Sigma Beauty, Vichy, ZOEVA, Origins, Sachajuan, Koh Gen Doh, and Laneige. 

So if I were you, I'd be busy shopping right now to get that discount! 

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