My love for Tony Moly knows no bounds which is why I still hoarded a lot of stuff while in Korea even if a lot of the stuff can already be purchased in the Philippines hahaha.

Our tour group made a stop at Dongdaemun, and we were brought to this mall with clothes and shoes and accessories. But, to reduce the risk of disappointment, I no longer bothered to check the clothes out because no fitting was allowed, and it'd be hard to gamble on freesize.

Instead, we had more fun checking this mall out right across where we were dropped off. This is Lotte Fitin. Inside it are hip clothing stores, and beauty stores. 

The neighborhood is bustling and there are so many stores nearby. 

Lotte Fitin surely has a lot of younger clothing stores inside. It's a lot like the Langham Place mall in Hong Kong. I have yet to see a place like this in the Philippines, though. Because now that I think of it most of our malls are targeted to families, and the ones targeted specifically to the young are typically in flea market format...

Stone bracelets at 1 million won? They have it here! I actually am wondering as to who their target market is because I'm certain that young people do not have 1-2 million won to shell out for a single bracelet...  Or maybe this is just for show? Hahaha.

I totally love the floral blue dress on the mannequin. But well, even if they did allow fitting here, I think I'd go crazy having to remove five layers of clothing just to be able to try something on (yes it was quite cold so I had a camisole, a thermal sweater, my outside sweater, a hoodie, and a swan's down coat on me all at the same time).

Let's not even talk about trying on underwear because five layers you know dljsldkjalksjdlksajlkdjas

Had I not been too distracted with Tony Moly, I definitely would have checked this store out more because the teacups ARE JUST SOOO ADORABLE! So fluffeh I'm gonna die. I dunno, but probably due to my parents, I usually mentally skip shopping for breakables because it's quite difficult to take these kinds of items home. 

I got to the beauty floor on the 6th floor, but well, since I was shopping here for the most part, I don't have a lot of photos of the stores here. 

And hooray! It's haul time! 

The first thing is the Goat's Milk face cream (30000 won) that I got. I got this one because it is very unique. As in it looks like a beige gel, but the moment you apply it to your skin, it sort of melts and looks like milk. The texture is so light, yet so nourishing, that I just had to get this. Coming from a witnessing miracle in my skin thanks to their Galactomyces cream, it was not difficult to try this out even without having read anything about this prior to my visit.

And, the other thing that convinced me is that if you bought the cream, you have a choice of either getting a full sized toner as a gift, or a trial set. Initially, I was eyeing the gift set, but I realized that the toner alone is already 24000 won and full sized, so it was going to be a better steal to get that over the trial set. Nonetheless, it was a steal to buy this cream.

 My other purchase is a mask set because they also had a 9500won for 20 mask sheets promo. I was sure that I'd never get mask sheets at these prices in the Philippines so I didn't think twice about getting this. I now finally realize how it's normal for Koreans to use mask sheets 1-3 times a week because apparently, they get to buy them at these prices. I mean I know that the Korean economy is doing very well, but I do think that even for them, it's not economical to be using 1000 won disposable mask sheets each time for several times in a week.

It was the saleslady who suggested this variant because it apparently sells so well.

I thought of getting this one because of the 'Clear Skin' promise, and that rice is an interesting ingredient.

This body lotion and body wash set (6800 won) is another steal I think because this was part of their Chinese New Year promotions. If you look closely, there are outlines of sheep on the bottles and I think this was one of their releases to usher in the Year of the Sheep. I got this because the scent of the lotion was just soooo good (it was milky and powdery fresh, it was how we define a good baby smell). If I remember correctly, it was that you couldn't buy the body lotion alone which is why I agreed to get this set.

 I got their banana products because well, banana. I mean anyone who is not affected by how cute the packaging is has life issues for sure. Jokes aside, I got this value set (15800 won) mainly because I was interested in owning more hand lotions and face packs. Also, the banana scent reminds me a lot of their banana milk (oh banana milk I miss you so much when will I be able to drink you again).

The last items in my haul are two tubes of hand cream. I got two tubes because one tube is at 3300 won while two are at 6000 won, plus the fact that my hands are always dry and flaky that I generally need to have a steady supply of hand creams and lotions lest I will go crazy.

For all my purchases, I got this tumbler as a freebie. Yaaay freebies! 

What's the cutest thing in this haul? Let me know! :) 

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