I'm glad to be reviewing something after quite some time! I think the last time I was able to review something was waaay back in january so this makes me really happy.

I guess I'm even happier with the product I'm reviewing today. Well, to summarize how happy I am with Olay's Moisture Outlast body washes, I already have three bottles of this (this one that I got through Sample Room and the coconut and strawberry-mint ones I purchased by myself).
What probably got me in love with the product is first, the simple promise that it can mosuturize the skin way beyond the call of duty. I am the kind of person who is very diligent in applying lotion and body cream everyday (and I have been doing so for the past 10-11 years or so), but there are times when body lotion just isn't enough. Like my skin still feels so thirsty.

And probably the other thing is the fragrances they came up with for this product line. I was excited when I found out that they had honey, coconut and strawberry-mint fragrances. While this product line does have a cucumber scent, I was basically just tired of it and all the other companies who have been making cucumber scented products all these years. Like, fresh doesn't have to equate to cucumber, right?

So well, here's a formal bottle photo. This is the 200mL bottle, and more or less you can expect it to be as tall as the average water bottle and as thick as a Nokia 3310.
For the concerned citizens of the world here are the ingredients and description (you can right click or click on the photo to zoom in).

The scent smells good in itself, but probably not the kind of honey I was hoping for. It smells more like the royal jelly scented beauty products in the market right now, and not really like real honey. The scent's strength is dependent on how you will use the body wash. If you will apply it directly onto the body, it will be a bit stronger than if you were to put it on a puff and lather it. Either way, the final scent on the body is faint and mild.

 If I'm not mistaken, the moisture outlast promise is that the product seeps into the layers of your skin and moisturizes it from within. 

It is very, very true, because coming from using bar soaps, I feel like my skin doesn't feel as thirsty for body lotion the moment I get out of the bath. And there have been days when I barely remember to apply lotion because it feels like my skin doesn't need it anymore. However, I still have not stopped using body lotion. If you're the kind of person who doesn't apply lotion, this will already suffice, though. I just continue to apply body lotion out of habit.

The body wash in itself is very, very creamy. 

It's milky colored, and at first glance, looks like it can't lather really well. But once you do bring out your puff, it will work its magic. It's by far one of the best body washes I've tried in terms of lathering, if not the best. I have a feeling people everywhere are rejoicing at the value for money of this product as you can get away with using so little yet having so much lather each bathtime. 

In fact, I think that this Php115, 200mL bottle can last a puff user about 2 months... Or on second thought I think I've already had this body wash with me for more than 2 months and there is still about 1/3 left. 

I definitely want to buy more of this body wash, and I really loved it. 

Any body products you've been liking as of late? Please let me know in the comments box :) 

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