Hooray for 50% off crazy sales!!! I have no idea what made Nivea do this, but it is so, so, so nice of them to give everyone the chance to hoard their products at 50% off! I have seen tons of people on my Facebook feed, whether Facebook friends or other people in the Facebook groups I am in, share their Nivea hauls, and I AM SERIOUS WHEN I SAY THAT THIS IS ONE OF THE TAMEST HAULS IN THE BUNCH HAHAHA.

Yes I say this because I have seen guys who bought 20 or more spray cans of deodorant, moms who basically bought all their babies' needs for the next eternity (10 bottles of lotion, 6 bottles of baby powder, 20 bars of soap what have you), and basically the common citizen who bought enough toiletries to last this presidency and the next.

So anyways, here goes my haul!

So my first purchase is Nivea's extra whitening spray deodorant. This went from something like 184 pesos down to 92 pesos.

This  next purchase is their Mattifying Toner, which went from like 150 something pesos down to 70 something.

I also got a stick type deodorant, and I think this went down from 155 pesos to 77.5 pesos. 
 This is something I did not buy during the sale but I felt was worth talking about. I got this last month before I went to Korea because I was really scared of suffering from chapped lips. This is reaaally good and I will talk about this separately in another review. This was at Php140 I think..

The last thing in this mini haul (I swear this is still a mini haul given what I have seen HAHAHA) is a tin can of Nivea Creme. This is the large can originally at Php209, and I got this at Php105.

So that's it for this haul! Till the next one! 

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