Step up to the challenge, with Maybelline's Clear Smooth All in one Powder Foundation!!!  

I was really happy when they sent me this powder, as I just blogged about Maybelline's White Superfresh powder not so long ago.  

 The packaging is the usual for Maybelline. it comes in a cardboard box just about as big as two credit cards. I was sent the shade in Honey. I'm Nude Beige in the Maybelline family of powders, and I have already bought one before they sent this to me, so in this review, what you'll see in my face is Nude Beige. Nonetheless, I will be using this powder once I've finished my current compact.

The important promises to note is that it provides 8 hours of a shine free face, and is SPF 32 (a tad little less than the SPF 34 of White Superfresh). 

Their other promises were on the finish. It's supposed to be their powder, as the name implies, that provides smooth, even, clear and blemish free skin.

For the concerned folks out there, here are the ingredients. It has perlite, the ingredient responsible for the oil (and even sweat at times!) control. I am amused about the linalool inside (linalool is the fragrance of lavender). I am pleased with the high amount of titanium dioxide. This means that the product really has a high SPF. 

And wait, can I just say how smitten I am by the packaging they sent it in?! I love my new school supplies!

The palette, for some reason, makes me happy. I mean I like looking at makeup, but I don't know why I just feel so happy about seeing the pink acrylic hahaha. And well, this photo will more or less give the size of the product. It's at the same size as most of Maybelline's compacts. This may be a nuisance for some that it's too wide, but I personally like that its wide body also means that it has a wide mirror. And it's not bulky because the sponge and the pan each has its own panel. 

Overall, I personally find this to have its own benefits that are unique. When this was launched I know people were like meh this is just like all their other powders why bother. But actually, there are differences. 

For one, this comes in a much more lightweight formula compared to White Superfresh. While White Superfresh is meant to make your skin feel fresh, it's the kind of powder that is geared towards absorbing sweat and oil amounts out of the ordinary. You need not reapply it so often as the formula is not as lightweight. With this one, while this also has perlite and absorbs oil well, it spreads on really thinly on the skin that you'd reapply this more often. The nice part about it is that you will most likely never cake on your powder because the formulation will urge you to apply it frequently, applying a little each time. 
Another thing that I noticed is that White Superfresh has a more powdery finish but this one has a more silky finish. I think that since one of its main promises is smooth and clear skin, it gives you some sort of airbrushed like effect when you apply it. It promises shine-free skin, but you really will have a little bit of shine (but the good dewy look kind of shine) with this powder. White Superfresh will really give you seriously matte skin.

This is the perfect everyday powder for people who want a natural, shine free look. I really think that students, office ladies, and basically people, will like this product.   

As for the price, this is priced at Php259 for the full sized pan. Refills are at Php168 I think (?)

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