Need a product line to make your skin bright and glowing without making it pale? This is the right product line for you. 

I thank our friends for letting me try out Artistry's Ideal Radiance trial set. The trial set lasted me about three weeks or so. This set is, sadly, not for sale! I really wish that it were because it was a good way to let me see how the products worked without having to commit to the full sized products of the product line.

The product line comes with facial wash, an emulsion, a spot corrector, and a cream. Not included in this review are toners and sunscreens.

This is the facial wash. It comes in a foam type format, and lathers very well. It's very gentle, and while I think that this is great for those with sensitive skin, it might not pack the best kind of punch for people who have oily skin. This was the part of the kit I used the least often because of my very oily skin that needed products with more punch.

This is the spot corrector. I actually haven't used it on a specific spot yet, hahahaha. I just love to use it to even out my complexion hahaha.

This is the emulsion that the kit came with. They call it Illuminating Essence. This is my favorite out of the whole line because it really gave my skin a nice glow. I also liked that when I was using this product, my skin was so baby smooth and even, and there were barely any blemishes. This is so good for the Philippine climate because it's so powerful yet it's so lightweight on the skin. I never felt that I had anything on my skin whenever I used this.

 Last thing on the list is their cream. This is also my favorite because I just loved the very refreshing fragrance. It smells so nice, and it is also lightweight like the emulsion. This, I think, is the other half (alongside the emulsion) that got rid of all my blemishes on my skin. My skin was very smooth and silky with this product.

This is so versatile because I can use this whether it's daytime or nighttime. The texture is just right for the Philippine climate, not too heavy, but at the same time, still potent.

Using this product, I think my skin was at its clearest and silkiest. While there are so many products that I love and rely on to get smooth skin, this one was the best. My skin looks like it was airbrushed even in real life.

As for the whitening part, I guess it also did nothing (?). If you've been reading my blog for quite some time you'd know my struggle that nothing topical works on me anymore. Products can only give me a nice glow, or a rosy finish, but not make my skin lighter anymore. For this product line, I also did not feel that my skin was lighter. But most definitely it was dewy, elastic, and smooth.

This is one of Artisty's prestige product lines, actually. And after using it I really felt the premium, prestige part to it. 

For those who want to try the full sized products and see the difference for themselves, here are the prices:
Moisturizer Cream Php2755
Illuminating Cleanser (facial wash) Php1965
Illumination Toner Php2540
Spot corrector Php2060
UV Protect sunscreen SPF 50 Php2835

The products may be pricey per piece, but it'll be a very good investment for anyone who wants better skin. You really get what you pay for with these products.  

And, for those who are interested to join Amway, their Php1000 membership even gets you 30% off these products. They accept home deliveries, and have a 90 day customer satisfaction guarantee.

For inquiries, contact Olive Fernandez, Artistry beauty consultant, at 09189451230 :)

Here's to brighter and smoother skin. 

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