Welcome back to Mari's Himalaya Herbals appreciation month! 

The best and most affordable hand and body cream has finally come to me. Finally, Ariel Himalaya Herbals cream happened to me! And yes, if you're looking for a cream right now, be sure to put Himalaya Herbals' Nourishing Skin Cream on the top of your list. 

Like what I've been saying for the past 100000 years, if you're looking for products good for the hot weather, always look at what Himalaya Herbals has because they're good at formulating products for climates like ours.

This was part of what was sent to me by Himalaya Herbals in the giaaant gift box they sent. They sent me a small tub, but it was just too good I just had to go back and buy a big tub after I ran out of the cream. It's the first time a hand cream has actually worked on my very, very dry hands, which is why I am so excited to be sharing this information to you guys.

This tub is the smaller tub. It's really handy to have in the purse, and it's generally smaller than most people's palms.

I really love Himalaya Herbals in general because it's Indian in origin. Like I've said 1000000 times this month, I really just love how they are really able to formulate products that suit the needs of people who live in very hot climates. India is hotter than the Philippines, if I'm not mistaken, so if people there love these, then so will we.

I also like the medicinal touch because it really stands by its traditional medicine stance in its products.
This smaller tub is 100mL. And for the curious folks out there, here are the ingredients. To my amusement, despite being a cream, methylparaben and propylparaben were among the last ingredients in the list... 
For creams, I normally expect the preservatives in the middle because there is a presumption that we will be dipping our hands into the whole entity of the product compared to when we're just dispensing something out of a tube. You'd need more preservatives to keep it sane compared to products not in tubs.

But well, for hygiene and safety purposes, each tub comes with a foil covering. I actually recommend opening only a small portion of the foil and not removing it because doing so has saved me so much product... Like had I not kept the foil in the whole duration of my product use, a lot of the product would've probably ended on the lid's rims or dried up on the lid.

I actually wonder if people buy this at face value without testers in stores because you can't really sniff the product through the foil covering. This is why I'm here to recommend it hahaha.

Aaaaaand, if you're the kind of person who isn't really into using hand cream everyday, you really will need to keep the foil covering because the product is prone to drying up when left unused for long periods of time. But fear not because this only happened to me when I was 75% through my big tub and like it was the 25% that slowly dried up. And I was able to use up everything anyways. But yeah for better product shelf life keep the foil lid on. 

And yes, notice my thumb here in this photo. This is what I mean by my hands being so dry. My hands would be so dry that the skin on my thumb would be so flaky that it peels off all the time. It reaches the point where my thumbs would already bleed because of the extreme dryness. I know that it's dry because I wash too often with antibacterial soap and use rubbing alcohol so often, but these are simply hygiene measures that I think any sane human being can't live without. This is why I always just compensate for it by using a lot of hand cream. 

What's beneath the foil wrapper is a very, very emollient, marshmallow icing-like cream. I had to take some time to get used to the scent because it initially felt like a manly scent. But after I let my brother sniff it, he was the one who personally declared that it's a neutral smelling cream. It doesn't smell manly under his standards. It has this deodorant smell, like a women's deodorant smell maybe. The smell is not floral nor citrus, nor is it any kind of fruit. I think it's a woody smell. 

I really love that there is so much cream to go around. To be fair, even the small tub lasted me about a month of usage. 

The texture is really nice because it's so creamy and dreamy. It's smooth, and it's really like icing.

I like that the moment I put it on my skin, it already "turns" into oil and it's no longer a "cream," which is why it stays on me even if I sweat. My most common difficulty with hand cream is that when I wash my hands or sweat, the cream wears off. This one doesn't. It really stays put. And I can wash my hand a few times without losing the oil in it. 

When I first got this product, given that it was in a tub and it said "Nourishing Skin Cream" and not "Nourishing Hand Cream," I initially thought that it's for the face.

It ended up being too oily on my face that I stopped using it on the face the day after I took these photos HAHAHA. But for people who have dry skin and need a night face pack, by all means, use this. This will save your dry skin and give it life again.

But I'm really glad that it happened, because prior to using this product, I really felt that there was nothing I could do about my dry thumbs except live with them. Before I discovered this, barely anything offered a lasting solution. Some hand creams would wear off my hands before my skin could even have the time to absorb the product. Like they were more like hand perfumes than hand creams. And some hand creams do help, but my skin gets immune and then the dryness comes back. Or, some hand creams only offer comfort for one or two occasions, and do not repeat it again after. 

This hand cream gives me the moisture that I want, and for extended periods of time. The more I use this product, the more the dryness goes away. I really can't imagine life without this product anymore.

For the curious folks out there, the 50mL tub is Php99, and the 150mL tub is Php199. And if you're lucky, they do offer flash sales and discounts and other promotions so you can get this for cheaper if you look for a bargain hard enough. If I were you, get the big tub today. 

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