I now realize that it's been a long time since I got into color makeup. I apologize if there have been too much skincare and base makeup reviews on this blog, but well, I'm making up for it with a new color makeup review! 

Say hello (again) to Maybelline's The Nudes! Yes I think you've already seen this coming because of my beauty news post and first look post about this. 

I'm not sure where I first saw this... I'm not sure if it's the internet or in a department store here, but I do remember thinking to myself that "Wow. I'm sure so many people will like this." And here I am to also talk about how much I like it. 

I know that a lot of people will immediately liken this to Urban Decay's Naked palettes because of its 12 shades, and because of the fact that all 12 shades are neutral shades that cover the whole spectrum. It's actually not a surprise to me, because Urban Decay and Maybelline are both owned by L'Oréal. From a business perspective, it's not uncommon to create similar products for different brands that cater to different needs and budgets.

It doesn't come with a box, but it does come with a safety seal. Please do look for this when you get yours.

The palette, in general, leans more toward the cool tones. Not a lot of pinkish hues to be seen here, but there are a lot of gold based and taupe based colors to be seen here.

The palette might look big in the photo, but in real life it's just as big as three credit cards put side by side. I think that this will be very good for travel because it has so many shades but it's relatively thin, small, and lightweight. This will not pose problems to most travelers. 

I'm actually very excited to travel with this one because it's got all the colors I need in this level of compactness.

I'm actually very excited about the color spectrum of this palette, because when the Naked palettes are concerned, this has a mix of the shades from all seven Naked palettes. I know there have been a lot of cat fights waged online out of arguments as to which Naked palette is the best due to the differing color themes each one has. And I actually have four of the seven palettes just so I can get a good mix of all the colors of the neutral spectrum hahaha. 

Thankfully, this one has already summarized the color spectrum presented in seven palettes. There are cool tones, a little mix of some warm shades, neutral shades, and there is a good representation of the dark and light shades. 

I was thinking that since this is the kind of palette with the mindblowing kinds of eyeshadow shades that most people will probably be getting this as one of their first makeup investments, they would but throwing a good brush in. I'm guessing that since they don't really sell brushes, they didn't make it a focus of this palette anymore (?)

I feel really sad that this doesn't come with a mirror! Admit it, you've used your Maybelline powder mirrors for all your mirror needs since the dawn of time hahaha. I've always loved their powders not only for the powders themselves but because they give humanity the gift of large mirrors.

The cover is wide enough that they could have put a mirror on the black panel, or lessened the window cathedral plastic and made more space for a mirror. But I guess they didn't throw one in because a mirror would make the eyeshadow palette heavier... Or maybe it's because they're confident about their powder sales (they sell one White Superfresh compact every 10 seconds! cray cray!) that they know that you'll look to your powder compact for a mirror instead (?)

And well, if you're the kind of person who really likes to share your makeup looks right down to the nitty grittiest details, you'll probably have to coordinate with whoever you're talking to because the shades don't have names (which is hard for a 12 shade palette!).

You can be saying oh go for shade 3 thinking that it's the third shade from the top left, but your friend could be thinking shade 3 as in the second one from the left because she counts the first one on the left as the second shade.

But, if you're going to use this yourself, or show this in a video or tutorial or whatnot, I don't think these problems will be prevalent. To be fair, the instructions are so cool because they did not arrange the palette from light to dark, but instead arranged the eyeshadows such that you can "harvest" 6 duo, 4 trio, and 3 quad combinations from the palette! I will surely have fun following the directions on how to pair up the colors in this palette.

For the concerned folks, here are the ingredients and the indications for the product.

Anywaaays! It's time for the swatches! Off the bat, I really looooved the eyeshadows because they come with a silky, non-chunky, and non-dusty texture. And at the same time, they're so pigmented and the color payoff is intense! I didn't have to use any eyeshadow primer or helper or base whatsoever to get the color to show on my skin. The eyeshadows adhere to the skin with no difficulties, even the matte ones. And off the bat, there was no shade that disappeared on my skin, so I'm thinking that they have also put a lot of time into looking for shades that will not disappear in any skintone! 

These are not "creamy" eyeshadows, for those who may be asking. If you dip your finger into the pan, it will not leave a long line of eyeshadow if you swipe your finger on your arm. It's a silkier formulation that will work best with a patting motion alongside a swiping motion. This may be a disadvantage for some, but at least it makes the eyeshadows slightly more buildable than if they were very creamy.  If you want it to act creamy, I recommend  a wet application. 

I will be following an up-down, left-right numbering scheme for the purposes of this blog post. Tee hee. 

So here's shade 1 (this is the top left shade). This is a very light, satiny, pearl hologram eyeshadow. My swatch is exaggerated because I already layered on a lot of it. In real life, it will end up as a sheer color for highlighting purposes. There is no glitter in this one, so I think this will be good for the face.

Shade 2 (leftmost, bottom row) is a peach brown metallic eyeshadow. This is one of the warmest shades in the whole bunch. I won't really call this copper as it's too pinkish to be copper, and it's got too little brown to be bronze. It's really leaning towards peach. I'm guessing that this will be my favorite shade in the future because I'm a sucker for shades like these. 

Shade 3 (second from left, top row) is a light, satiny, neutral taupe shade. This has microshimmer in it, so while it will appear mostly matte from afar, it will look a tiny bit shimmery in close view. 

Shade 4 (second from left, bottom row) is this matte chocolate brown shade. It's got a touch of red, although in real life the red doesn't show up.

Shade 5 (third from left, top row) is a satiny vanilla ice cream color. This differs from shade 1 in the sense that it's more opaque, it has a slight grayish undertone to it, and that it's almost matte. This is perfect for the browbone area because it's brightening, but not too shimmery that you'll look like you have oily eyelids in photos...

Shade 6 (third from left, bottom row), is a basic baked gold color. It's what you'd expect gold eyeshadow to look like. This one is a metallic shade with a translucent finish by default. Not unless you layer on the color.

Shade 7 (fourth from left, top row), is a metallic bronze shade. It also has microshimmer in it. My mom is a sucker for shades like these because they match almost every eye color, skin color, and occasion. Thank heavens no one ever looks at your eyeshadow and says "Hey! Haven't you worn that eyeshadow yesterday?!" because my mom has been into bronze colored ones for years now... This is quite opaque in coverage due to its shade.

Shade 8 (fourth from left, bottom row), is this purple-red metallic brown shade. I also see myself abusing this eyeshadow shade in the future because it's also another one of those shades that match everything in the world. This will look especially nice on pinkish skintones, and be of great help for brown smoky looks.

Shade 9 (fifth from left, top row), another taupe-ey shade, but it differs from shade 3 in the sense that it's got a pinkish hue to it, is more opaque, and is less shimmery. Shade 3 is semi-metallic while this shade is semi-matte.

Shade 10 (fifth from left, bottom row) is this pinkish white shimmer satin eyeshadow. Whew so many adjectives! But yes, it's a pinkish white shade. It's more metallic than shade 1, and it also doesn't have microglitters in it. It's also not hologram. The shade is what you see at face value. I think this is perfect for the light shades in cut crease eyeshadow looks, and this may help as tear duct shimmer...

Shade 11 (rightmost, top row) is a neutral brown black. From afar, it looks matte on the skin and on the palette. Zoomed, in though, there are tiny, tiny microshimmer particles that appear. I can't say that this is matte for certain because of the micrhoshimmer, but it's almost matte if you look at it.

Shade 12 (rightmost, bottom row) is this greyish black shade. This is also matte at face value despite having some microshimmer in it. 

And yaaay it's experiment time! I tried using shades 6 and 7 for a cut crease. I used shade 6 (the golden one) as the inner color, and added some of shade 10 to make it lighter. The cut crease is shade 7, just applied with different brushes (I used a fluffy brush to add the color in in a dispersed, feathered manner, and a short paddle brush to pack color on where the cut crease line should be) so it seems like two shades. 

I am very pleased with how vivid the colors look like even if I applied the eyeshadows here without any primer whatsoever. And I even used the camera flash here! 

I also tried another look, this time using shade 8 as a shadow color, and then feathering it out with shade 2. I like how these eyeshadows are buildable and blendable. I was able to achieve a feathered out effect without having to smudge so much. In fact, I was only using a fluffy blending brush with swift, light strokes, to blend it in.

I am happy to announce that these are also long lasting, because after I took these photos, I went on to watch Return of Superman without removing my makeup. Episode 95 was just too funny that I was crying in laughter after watching it, and to my surprise, the eyeshadow stayed intact even without a primer! Whew!

Overall, I really liked the whole concept of the product, and the product itself. This is so affordable at Php625! 

I really feel that this could have been better with a brush and a mirror to complete the whole package, but at least as far as the eyeshadows are concerned, the pigmentation and color payoff are great. The blendability and lasting power are also impressive. I also appreciate that the whole eyeshadow palette has represented the neutral spectrum very well, and that the palette will be very easy to bring around. If you're new to makeup and are looking for a basic eyeshadow palette, do check this out. If you're looking for something good you can use everyday and conveniently stuff inside your purse, do check this out as well. 

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