So what's inside this issue of True Match? Let me show you. 

L'Oréal has curated their best of the best products to create a no makeup look, and put them together in this box.

This is the box in its full glory. I really like how I can hand this box to a person and already be able to see a legit makeup look on the person...

And yes let us take time appreciating the beauty of Barbara Palvin. As to why they invited us to their True Match event, well, it's because of the World's #1 foundation, no less than the True Match foundation. I think you guys have seen bottles of True Match foundation in stores, but this time, they revamped it by making a softer formula (because the older formula did not budge at all and didn't feel flexible despite being long wearing), and this release this time is to answer the needs of consumers of Asian skintones. The last release had shades for all races, and I heard that it sold like hotcakes in stores to expatriates. But this time, they paid attention to the nuances of Asian skintones, and came back with 15 shades for Asians, and Asians alone. 

And yes, this foundation now comes in a pump bottle. I'm guessing they did this not only to make things more convenient but also because I think that foundation dries up faster when there is no pump mechanism...

They also let us have their True Match Blur cream, their newest addition to primers. There are a lot of primers in the L'Oréal (as in as a company portfolio), but as of late they came up with L'Oréal branded ones.

They also gave us chubby sticks of their True Match concealer. This comes in dark shades, and also in very light ones, so I think people are already eyeing on this for contouring and highlighting.

This is another interesting new product. This is their Brow Artist pencil. It has a pencil, a spooley, and most amusingly, if you twist the pencil in the middle, there's a brow powder-coated applicator sponge! How cool can that get?! You now have the power to have pencil and powder in one single product. HUHU L'Oréal why so intelligent.

And yes this si another work of genius. I think I've already discussed it in my previous blog post that whoever invented this deserves a raise, too. Who would've ever thought of making eyebrow powder with colored eyebrow wax? My barely there eyebrows need miracles like these.

And well, that's what's inside the True Match issue :)
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