Do you hear of the saying that the best businesses are those businesses that can create products that you never knew you needed, but end up needing badly after all? That's perhaps what Banila Co is. It's really talented in creating products that are so useful and yet these are so unique that people don't even realize at first that they badly need them. 

And yes, their Clean It 0 is one of those products. I honestly never knew I'd love it when I received it because it's basically just a makeup remover. I already have a lot of makeup removers, be it oil removers, dual phase removers, cream removers, and micelle water removers. I honestly wouldn't need any new kind, right? 

Wrong. After using this wax formula, I can't live without it anymore. 
So let me take some time to talk more about how the product works. So here's the box. This product is more or less as big as an apple. 

It's not a very big jar, but it's dense and a bit heavy. 

The moment you open the jar, you'd see a spatula and a lid over the product. The spatula is there because it's really helpful for scooping the product out.

I won't take long anymore and I will already demonstrate how it works on makeup. So I have here eyeshadows and liquid eyeliner on my hand.

You take a few blobs of the product using the spatula and apply it on the area where you want to get rid of the makeup.

The moment the product touches the skin and you use your finger to massage it, it liquefies instantly. It turns into an oil kind of makeup remover, and it works its magic. This is something you'll never achieve with oil or two phase makeup removers because they're usually so runny and the formulation isn't "stiff" enough that the moment it gets onto the skin it already drips off of it. With this one, the whole difference is that you can take your time to massage it onto the skin, and already get most of the makeup off, if not "loosen" it, while you're still massaging it in. It doesn't drip off the face.

I know this sounds so weird, but I'll liken it to steak sauce-- as in that kind of consistency. It's not sticky, it's not gooey, but it's thick.

It already melts all the makeup away while you're massaging it that the moment you actually use a cotton pad or a sheet of tissue, everything comes off with the tissue in a few wipes, if not just one wipe. This is so important because we tend to tug our skin with our cotton pads too hard in an effort to get all the makeup off. I am no aging expert, but they say that tugging on the skin too much, more so the eye area, can bring about premature aging. But what I can be sure of is that too much tugging makes the face feel sore, which isn't helping especially after you've gone through a tiring day.

The other key feature is that the oil is easily absorbed into whatever medium you're using, and that it will also not drip off of it. I feel that this is so important when you want your house's surfaces to be clean. 

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