Deep nourishment for only Php170! I am super happy with Dove this year because of all their product launches. They brought in a lot of new and exciting stuff and deviated from just renewing and renewing campaigns. They have had Oxygen and Nourishment as one of their key hair releases this year, and as I type this review I feel like I'm in Hawaii because I'm right beside my newly purchased Dove coconut milk and shea butter bars! Bwhahaha. But today's review will be all about their new go fresh nourishment body lotion. 

So this is their body lotion. Please do not be overwhelmed by the fact that this is Php170 because this is actually quite a big bottle in real life. It's actually 250mL, and it's about 8 inches tall. It's a medium to big sized bottle, depending on how much you use lotion. I'm personally a lotion hoarder, so this would count as a medium sized bottle for me. I usually buy the biggest size of whatever body lotion I am planning to purchase.

For the curious folks out there, the main brand promise is that it's got DeepCare Complex wherein it includes natural skin nutrients and rich essential oil to help gradually improve skin starting deep down. 

This is the fresh cucumber and green tea scent and it also promises a cooling sensation in it. 

You can zoom in this photo to see the ingredients. I'm amused by the collagen amino acids in the ingredients because it sounds so fancy. And the sunflower oil, too. I think sunflower oil helps to repair broken skin which is why they threw it into the formula. 

Orrr, you can also zoom in this photo to see the whole product literature. This is amusingly made in Indonesia and was only imported.

I flipped open the cap in order to see the contents. It's got a light green color to it.

The fragrance is quite different from Vaseline's Aloe and Cucumber lotion. This one has a primarily citrusy smell, with a refreshing touch of the smell of tea to it, and only when you sniff like crazy will you find the cucumber notes in it. It's got a very energizing, refreshing, invigorating scent to it. I feel like it differs in that Vaseline's cucumber lotion is more of relaxing rather than energizing. 

The texture is also very amusing. It's lotion, but I can think it can pass off as borderline gel. It's got a light but very airy and very smooth texture. It's almost translucent when you observe it on the skin, actually. It's definitely a far cry from body cream, and is still a far cry from the usual creamy body lotion formulations. 

The cooling part starts when you massage the product in. I've noticed that the cooling is because of the texture of the product. It's a lightweight, runny product that behaves like a gel that when the wind blows onto your skin as it dries, it feels cooling. As far as I can see with the ingredients, I don't see anything specific for cooling. But well, of course, I'm very open to corrections on this. 

In terms of drying, since it behaves like a gel, it also dries like a gel. It takes a little time for it to dry, and if you really pay attention to it you would really feel it drying up and everything. But thankfully, it doesn't take too long to dry. This is a formulation which I think is ideal for use in the morning because I usually want something light so that it absorbs fairly quickly enough that I won't end up sweating the product off once I begin my day. This may also be a good choice for when you're right off the shower. 

But if you have really dry skin, I think this isn't the exact variant that will help. I think they have Shea Butter lotions in other countries, and perhaps that will help more with dry skin. Expect this to be a very lightweight product meant for daily lightweight moisture. I think that the formulation is specifically tailored to the Philippines' hot weather and is not to be relied on as the sole source of skin moisturization when in cold places or when there are extremely dry patches of skin. 

As for the price, well, they were very, very persistent in letting us know through all social media accounts and through all the stickers on the bottle that this is Php170 a pop. I got this from Mercury Drugstore, but at this rate, I think they have it everywhere. If you're looking for lightweight moisture, I think this will be a good thing to try :) 

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