New Dove Oxygen and Nourishment! It has Oxy-fuse technology to give you the nourishment you need and up to 95% more volume! From Unilever! 

Yes, once you intern for Unilever, you will end up memorizing a lot of brand speak and taglines, even for the brands you don't handle, because of all the exposure you get while in the office. There are giant TV screens playing commercials, you see people work on different projects, and there are also a lot of internal events and giveaways that go on on a regular basis. 

But let me do the blog post for this anyways! 

This is their shampoo and conditioner.

For the concerned citizens out there, here are the ingredients and description of the shampoo. 

This is the cap of the shampoo. I personally have never enjoyed life with this cap because it's sooo oddly shaped that I'm always freaked out and scared that I might tear the cap off if I open it the wrong way! 

I really have to take care when lifting the flap so as not to damage it. 

The shampoo is a clear blue! This is a first for Dove, if I'm not mistaken, because all my life I have always associated Dove with milk and cream. I think even babies can say "1/4 moisturizing cream" with how often they communicate this through their ads and campaigns. This is why this comes as a surprise. 

This, on the other hand, is the conditioner. The cap is the extreme opposite of the shampoo cap, because this cap is easy to open and I think it will be less prone to damage. The cap is also on the bottom so that you can dispense it easier. 

I actually haven't tried any Dove conditioners for the longest time. But I think this is also a different breed of conditioner because the texture is very light and airy. It's a lot like syrup, and it's not like whipped cream. Like it stands up on its own and has a firm consistency, but it's not a super creamy and chunky one.

This is me after using the product. The first thing I love about it is that it smells so nice. I was able to have nice smelling hair even on the 24th hour since usage. It's also a feminine smell, which I think contributed to the lasting scent. 

I like that it really does give volume. I'm not sure about the 95% part because I have super, super flat hair, that no matter what I do my hair really is just so flat. I really need to use baby powder everyday on my scalp just to make it less oily and less flat. With this one, while I still do use baby powder, I feel like I can already afford to not use baby powder. I also feel that it prolongs the time that my hair is fluffy. 

But for the product line to work as intended, one must use BOTH the shampoo and the conditioner. The shampoo is like a baby shampoo that is meant to cleanse the scalp and get rid of the oil and the dirt, while the conditioner is meant to bring the moisture back. Use only the shampoo and your hair might end up coarse instead of airy and soft. Use the conditioner only, and your hair might be soft but still not as volumized as it can be. 

The 180mL ones are Php115 for shampoo and Php115 for conditioner. The sachets are Php4.50 each. And I think that by now, from all the ads and everything, you can tell that this is available everywhere. 

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