Hi everyone! It took me quite some time before I was able to come back to you guys with a formal blog coverage of Matrix's 8" Cut for Cancer Year 2! 

For those of you guys who are curious, there was a massive event at SM Megamall's atrium wherein they had a maaaasssive set up for a hundred hairstylists to be able to cut hair from participants. Participants who came over had at least 8 inches cut off of their hair, and the hair donated was to be made into wigs. The donation of the wigs was done through Matrix's 'Chairs of Change' initiative-- their own advocacy to empower hairstylists worldwide to make a change to the world and uplift the lives of people through their craft. The wigs that will be made will be donated to Kythe-Ateneo, and they will be donating the wigs to their current charities (they have a roster of hospitals that they serve) as well as other hospitals whose patients are in need of such items. 

I was actually very touched by the very long lines because it shows how much people were very interested in donating their hair. And while having their hair cut on this day warrants them a free haircut, no one will randomly go out for an 8 inch cut without actually having a very heavy cause behind it. I know that most, if not all, of the participants who came, came with the mission to make a difference in someone else's life through their actions.

Today's host was Divine Lee, standing on the right. And Saab and Maxene came over to congratulate Matrix, and to thank and applaud all the volunteer hairstylists from David's Salon who came over and shared their talents for free!

I don't think Saab is alone, because a lot of people were really watching the event unfolding because of how meaningful it was. And the hairstylists were really so busy at work that you really know how passionate are about this cause, too.

This is the photo op area. I love how this event was not just a mere hair collection drive. They had a properly organized photobooth area for a participant's before and after look, and after their photos were taken, their before and after shots were collated into a special photo print out as a souvenir for them to keep.

And this is the giant hair weighing scale. This was actually amusing to look at because the numbers would change quickly as so many ponytails were pouring in.

Another reason why I knew that the people who were here were not in it for the free haircut was because at least 90% of the participants had extremely beautiful hair! Do you have a friend who has had extremely long and beautiful hair like a horse's tail since the dawn of time? Imagine that friend times 300 and that's the kind of crowd that this event had. Given how nice their hair conditions were, it's extremely apparent that they're not here merely to get rid of split ends or damaged hair.

 I mean look at her hair! This is shampoo commercial levels of great! 

The Magalona sisters were most certainly not selfish with selfies that day. They were game to pose with everyone. This is their photo with David's Salon executives.

And they also got busy snapping away. 

Apparently, they also gave out these coloring sheets in the waiting area for people to color on and write dedications on! These messages of encouragement will hopefully be given to the wigs' recipients.

The Magalona sisters wasted no time in personally thanking the hairstylists and taking photos with them. That I'm sure of.

One of the most touching things about the whole event was that the event was not limited to girls. I saw some guys in line, too! One of them is Domz. He donated his hair in honor of his mother.

I am sure that whoever receives the wig made from his hair will be soooo happy because he donated 16 inches of beautiful, shiny hair!

And yes! Domz is not the only guy here! I wasn't able to catch his name, but here's another guy getting his before photo taken.

And here's the before and after photo souvenir I was talking about! It's really nice with how the participants can take something like this home.

The event was amusing to see, more so from the upper floors. It was a sea of red capes and blackened floor with all the hair flying around. If you look at the terrace, you'd see this guy carrying a computer tower. I was amused because he and his companions were staring at the set up for about a good five minutes, and yes he was holding the tower the whole time. All his companions had short hair so they were probably setting a new goal to grow all their hair so they could donate it to future events like this.

And yes! IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO PARTICIPATE! You can still join this advocacy! From September 20, 2015 to December 31, 2015, you may either send in your hair donation to the Matrix Philippines Office (Mezzanine Floor, Robinson’s Equitable Tower, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City) or have your stylish haircut as donation continues in David’s Salon branches in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Regular hair cut charges will apply. For more information about the campaign, please visit www.MatrixCutfForCancer.com.

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