And we're back with another Velvet Matte review! This is in the shade of Mat 6, or what I'd call a wine color. 

This one is like a brownish-purple-pink. It's like red wine, but pinker and less brown. 

Hooray for doe foot wands. 

And this is the swatch. It's a very creamy formulation, and it's not very opaque. 

I think that this will be flattering for people with light skintones because it's purplish. I also think that this is a good choice for people who want something brightening for the whole look, but something mellow and not too shocking at the same time.

At the same time, I feel that this is a really good choice for people with darker skintones because I feel that while this is a very visible color on people with lighter skintones, I feel that this can pass as an MLBB shade for people with darker skintones. Or it can pass as a neutral everyday shade.

This is the right kind of purple and right kind of vivid to be flattering for dark skintones... But well, if I'm wrong, please correct me HAHAHA...

Maybelline Velvet Matte can be purchased in all Maybelline counters nationwide for Php349 a pop. 

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