Hey guys! Welcome back to another Velvet Matte review! I have here Mat 10, which I'd call the bubblegum pink or the cotton candy pink in the collection. I liked Mat 1 and Mat 2 more as they were leaning on the hot pink side, but I think this is also a beautiful shade. 

It really behaves like a bubblegum pink. But it's not a shocking neon bubblegum pink. It's more of a happy, purple toned bubblegum pink. I hope my previous sentence made sense. 

While this isn't my favorite shade, I feel like it's one of the shades that ended up looking the most flattering on me. 

And it does wonders to make an illusion of whiter teeth. 

This is a color that will probably suit lighter skintones more due to the purple base. I'm most certainly not stopping people with darker skintones from picking this up, but based from my observations, purple-toned pink makeup looks better (appears better, and is more flattering) on pale skin over darker skin. A lot of times I see that there is a really nice product but it doesn't appear on the wearer's skin. Or it does appear, but it looks weird. I feel that plum or wine kind of purple based tones are more flattering for darker skin, like Mat 6. 

Since this is a mellow shade, this is something I'd consider picking up for everyday usage. Though I have a feeling I'll be usin Mat 1 and Mat 2 more hahaha...

Maybelline Velvet Matte can be purchased in all Maybelline counters nationwide for Php349 a pop. 

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