Hooray!!! Second to the last shade in our Maybellin Velvet Matte series! This is Mat 2. Basically, this is like Mat 1, just a little more coral. 

This one is also especially difficult to photograph because the neon coral-ness. Sorry citizens. 

This is a highly pigmented hot neon pink color with a touch of coral, so yeah many apologies that it doesn't appear like this! 

I personally like this one more than Mat 1 because I really love coral pinks. I also love Mat 1 as it's also pink, but if I were made to choose just one to buy, I'd go for Mat 2. 

In real life it has some whitening effect to the teeth because it's much more vibrant and vivid and shocking neon and everything in real life.

I love how this shade looks like in real life that I will remember this lippie whenever I look at my passport photo for the next four and a half years. I don't know how I can show my passport here without compromising things so yeah here's my actual selfie at the DFA instead :) 

It's super vibrant that it looked so nice in my actual photo.

Maybelline Velvet Matte can be purchased in all Maybelline counters nationwide for Php349 a pop. 

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