So yaaaay! This is the revelation time! If you saw my Kylie Candy K review, you may have seen that I explicitly did not reveal the store nor the price I got it for. For some reason, Kylie's Lip Kits are just so hard to get, more so here in the Philippines, that I thought I'd do a post about my whole shopping journey plus my own tips on how to snag one. 

I'm sure these questions have been running in your heads for the longest time: how much is a kylie lip kit in the Philippines? Where to buy a Kylie Lip Kit in the Philippines? Where are Kylie Lip Kits for sale in the Philippines? Can i find Kylie Lip Kits in the Philippines on OLX? Where will I find all these Kylie lipsticks in the Philippinnessss??? 

And weee this post is all about that. 

So I got my lip kit from @makeupbarmanila on Instagram for Php 2800, and as far as I'm concerned Kristine (the seller) is new to the business, which is why her store's name may not be as familiar as some of the big time resellers we buy from. And that does bring me to my next point that be prepared for a struggle and a whole chase and everything because the big name resellers seem to have decided to not sell this. I asked my usual girl Beautyholic Manila and she didn't stock them. I also inquired incessantly with Royal Vanity, but they also didn't stock up on it. If I were also them I'd also probably not be too fixated on these lip kits as I already have enough business from all the other Urban Decay and Anastasia products that i had to sell that I wouldn't spend so much time and energy to snag some on the next restock. 

So here are my tips:

1.) Use the relevant hashtags
I personally did not want to pre order lip kits because I am such a busy person. It'd be such a hassle to pay a downpayment to a seller only for him or her to not get the lipkits, making a need for a refund, which I'd of course even have to verify at the bank. So I was eyeing sellers who already successfully ordered items from Kylie's website and were just waiting for them to arrive here in the Philippines. 

The lip kits sell out so fast here when the seller has already declared that they are arriving, so for the best results, Instagram has the most real time information because that's usually where they first post about information about available lip kits. Try the hashtags #KylieLipKitPH, #LipKitByKyliePH and #KylieCosmeticsPH as these are the ones used the most by the resellers. But well, you may need to play with the words Kylie, Lip Kit, and PH or Philippines to get all the possible permutations of hashtags that sellers might be using. 

2.) Be aggressive and vigilant
So you have browsed the photos with the hashtags, what now? Well, be very aggressive. If you see photos like these on Instagram showing photos of loots or receipts from Kylie's website recognizing the order, talk to the seller immediately. The seller will usually display the shades available for sale, so you can already get a good grasp of who to approach. Approach people, and do it fast. You don't need to reserve or buy already. You really just need to ask about the situation of the stocks, as there is a big chance that immediately after posting on Instagram, there'd already be a lot of people inquiring, and stocks get reserved and bought fast. 

At least by inquiring, you buy yourself a little bit of time since by talking to the seller, if he/she really has stocks, he/she knows that you are potentially interested. And please don't fool around with sellers because that's not nice. It's never wrong to inquire, but please don't reserve if you're not sure since that's super mean and rude. If you're undecided, instead of legit reserving for the heck of it, you can always ask the seller to like hold it for you for 1-2 hours for you to decide if you want it or not, and like if you don't have a decision within the 2nd hour to buy it, like he/she gets to free it up for sale. I do that at times when I need some time to clear my thoughts and make a final decision. 

3.) Know when Kylie Restocks
This is key to a lot of things because stocks among resellers are the most plentiful when Kylie has just restocked online. I personally find it more reliable albeit harder when you just buy items that sellers have already ordered and are up for sale rather than placing a pre order. But of course, each to his own. However, whether you pre order or not, you will get to know the status of things once she restocks. Sellers immediately post their available lip kits for sale within 30 minutes to about two hours after the restock, and more or less give it about 20-45 minutes before it gets sold out. 

This is also very helpful of a time frame because you can already see at a glance the prices they're being sold for because the prices of the lip kits, thus far, due to the extreme scarcity, vary per transaction. Like a seller can sell it for X amount, but need to raise it the next time around because he/she got so few and will need to distribute the fixed shipping rate amongst fewer items. Conversely, prices may also go lower. I have so far seen sellers in the Philippines selling this from Php1900-Php4000 excluding shipping, although I am not sure if anyone has bought from those sellers who sell them at Pho3000-4000. So yes, expect that a price of a Kylie Lip Kit in the Philippines will range from Php1900-4000. 

And how do you know when she restocks? She announces it in her app/website, which comes with a paid subscription format. You can of course opt to subscribe if you really like her, but if you're not that hard core, I'm so sorry to be a harbinger of such news but there are actually a lot of people who screenshot the announcements and post it all over the internet. If you've got good stalking skills, you'd know. I think this has happened too often in the latest restocks, which is why I think she also already announces things on her social media accounts for Kylie Cosmetics. And BTW, these social media accounts are also good sources of restock information! Even the Instagram comments I think serve as a goldmine of intel on when the next restock is! 

4.) Be careful!
This is something I put here because of course, Instagram is a big online selling platform, and it's deregulated. Anyone can put anything up for sale and there are so many kinds of people in this world, so please do exercise caution and care when transacting with sellers. You already know what I mean. 

5.) Be patient!
This is my last tip to leave because it really just so important to be patient. Before I got to order my own lip kit, I had to talk to like 5 or 6 sellers on viber and be told that the stocks were sold out, or that they were closing pre order applications. That doesn't even count all the other sellers I had to talk to via Instagram direct message, text, Instagram comments, and everything else! I had to be on the lookout for all the relevant hashtags on Instagram for like two to three days before I was able to snag one. And even the one I got, it was already paid for even when it was still in the US! That's how intense it can get! 

These are some of my Viber conversations with different sellers who unfortunately had no stocks for me at the time... 

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