The hot summer is already upon us, and I know this so well given how much walking I do on a daily basis. This is also why it didn't come as a surprise when Maybelline sent over all these products so we ladies can look hot this summer. 
So this is the box. It's so cute with the statue of liberty with shades and everything. I've already seen Lady Liberty and she is much more uptight than how she looks here.

And when you open the box this is what you see. These are all their products to help waterproof your look. 

 I am always so excited to receive product boxes from Maybelline because the packaging is always too cute! 

So they sent their Dream Satin Skin face powder. I am so excited to try this given how much the beauty world is in love with this product line. I've tried a lot of Maybelline products on my own but still haven't tried this out yet, hence the eagerness.

Another cult favorite is their Dream Satin Skin whipped foundation. I have heard so much about how long lasting this is, and given the relatively good SPF levels, this is probably a good follow up to your sunscreen this summer. 

They also sent their Vivid Matte lipsticks, which are their newest additions to their ever growing lipstick product lines. Everything is all about matte nowadays so this should be interesting.

And they also sent their Hyper Sharp Power Black eyeliner. 

Last but not the least is this suuuuper cute pair of Sunnies sunglasses! I've always wanted to buy Sunnies products but the sunglass selection always overwhelms me that I go out of the store not buying anything because everything looks so good. So at least they've already chosen out this pair for me!