If you've wondered how bloggers make their IG posts so nice, well, I will readily admit that a lot of the pretty photos bloggers have are also because of the super nice blogger kits that brands send over! This one from Maybelline is a good example. They are launching their newest Lash Sensational mascaras which are due to hit the stores in May 1. This new mascara is all about zero clumps, zero mess, just clean and volumized lashes. And as for why they sent flowers, it's because this mascara promises that it will enhance your lashes and put them in full bloom. 

And well, please welcome Maybelline's newest Meow-bassador, Uno! You may have encountered me talking about my cat Sandy a few times here on the blog and sometimes on the vlog as well. Uno is her son. I was due to take photos of the basket on our garden's grassy area, when he came over and got curious with the package. He was sniffing the flowers and staring at the whole thing. I don't know if it's just me but he's such a handsome boy so I decided to include him in this photoshoot as well. Perhaps it's now safe to say that this mascara may help you achieve the best cat eye look? 

And yes, I forgot to say that it's not just flowers! They also sent in a bottle of lemonade and a small packet of granola. I have yet to drink this lemonade and eat this granola because I am busy cooking up the review for this mascara hahahaha. I think I will consume all these items once I am done with the review.

And yes, he's such a natural with the camera! He stayed put the whole time I put this mascara on his belly. But well, it lasted for just a few minutes as he was back running around the house. He always plays with all sorts of things, and he is always running around except when he sees something new, which in this case is this kit.

This photo in particular was just too cute that I had it developed today and I'll have it framed soon! I developed photos of all our cats, and chose this one for Uno. So it also means that this mascara will now be immortalized on our walls hahahahaha.

Don't forget to #BeSensational! 

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