This is a dream come true. That's all I can really say. You guys know how much of a pink lipstick lover I am, so you guys understand how giddy I am deep inside that L'Oréal decided to bless this world with an all pink lipstick collection!!! Say hello to L'Oréal Color Riche Velvet Pinks collection! 

I got this package yesterday and couldn't help but feel kilig because this is the first time I've received roses addressed to me in my whole life!  Like I've gotten roses in school celebrations and promotions, but never roses that were sent specifically to me. The roses were soooo pretty I had to take so many photos of them and with them. So I already took photos of my manicure, our cat, my mom's painting, these lipsticks, and while they are wilting before my eyes as I write this I am already eyeing a rose petal photoshoot hahaha. 

Whoever in L'Oréal proposed this whole pink collection needs a raise and a promotion! And I'm also super happy that since L'Oréal here is becoming even stronger and stronger, the pace of new releases in the Philippines, if I must say, is already almost at par with more powerful Western markets. This excites me so much because there are so many L'Oréal favorites that have yet to reach our islands! 

So yes, forgive me. This post will be strewn with random pretty rose photos all over the place. If I am not mistaken these must be Ecuadorian roses because I don't think native roses are this plump... Dear horticulturists please feel free to correct me wahahaha.

So this is the cutest part! This rose plantbox comes with a baby drawer that comes with all the lipsticks! The rose was not a random thing because this is the Color La Vie En Rose collection. If I'm not mistaken, it means Life is a Rose? But well I have 0 French skills so please feel free to correct me. Or Life in Rose? I'm not sure. So this is a powerhouse collection of 7 lipsticks, each representing the pinks of the L'Oréal superstars, and each lipstick contributing to a spectrum, so that each Filipina can find the pink she needs!

Insert here yet another photo of the roses I'm sorry this is what you do when you see pretty roses. 

 So let me give short (I will try to keep it short!) descriptions of each shade.

So this is Iris, or Airshwarya Rai's pink. This is a strawberry milk muted pink with a tiny touch of coral.

This is Fuchsia, by Liya Kebede. This is actually more of a jellybean hot pink to me than fucshia as it lacks the purple element, but it seems interesting. I have yet to see how sheer this is because it look so jellybean like hahaha.

This is Primrose, Blake Lively's pink. I would say that this is the ultimate coral pink, but with a stronger pinkish force than a coral one. I am soooo in love with this shade, this is honestly one of the exact shades I would make if I had the chance to collaborate with a makeup brand.

And this is Nymphea, Eva Longoria's Pink. OMG this is the prettiest MLBB shade ever I swear. I keep on stopping myself from calling this my favorite because the other lipsticks might get hurt. I love this collection too much, but this really is a particular favorite.

Up next is Jasmine, or Naomi's pink. This is your nude lipstick with a touch of pink. I would call this the 2016 rendition of nude, as it's not foundation color, but is a mellow and very light color. I am curious to see if this will work as an MLBB for me or as a nude lipstick. I am also thinking a lot that it looks like one of my all time favorite lipsticks, the Bohemian Pink one from 3CE's jumbo lip pencils. If it is similar, then please join me as I run to the department store to hoard this.

This next color is Camelia, or Doutzen's pink. This is the ultimate MAC Candy Yum Yum slash Etude House endorser happy kind of pink. This is a playful cool pink, which reminds me a lot as well about OCC's Anime lip tar. If you need a bright pink lipstick in your life, this is all you need.

Last, but most certainly not the least (!), is Rose Lotus, J. Lo's pink. This is a tricky little thing because it's the kind of red violet that can't be captured on camera. I urge you to go to the stores to see the beauty of this one as it really can't be captured easily. It's a red violet, or pink violet for that matter, but leans towards the pink more than the violet. Perhaps this could also be a plummy pink?

And if you guys are so overwhelmed by the seven shades, do not fret as Verna Marin, L'Oréal's chief makeup artist, has her picks on what shades suit which skintone!

For light skintones, she suggests getting (from left to right) Primrose, Jasmine, or Camelia. Primrose is Blake's playful coral pink, Jasmine is Naomi's nude pink, and Camelia is Doutzen's bubblegum pink.

For medium skintones, she recommends Iris and Fuchsia. Iris is Aishwarya's mellow strawberry milk old rose pink, while Fucshia is Liya's playful jellybean shade.

For morena skintones, she recommends Nymphea and Rose Lotus. Nymphea is Eva's MLBB, though I think it will suit every kind of skintone so yeah if you have lips you need this in your life wahaha. Rose Lotus is J.Lo's vampy plummy pink shade.

But yes, I will still say that these are just Verna's tips. I'm sure that even she thinks that lipstick choices should be about what makes the wearer feel good, confident, and what suits the wearer's event. I decided to show all the different shades to the best of my abilities so that you can choose the pink that's best for you. And if you ask me, buy everything and don't think about it. At Php400 a pop, you can afford to buy more than one *wink wink*

I'm also not wondering why this collection was made. I know that as a pink lipstick addict, I'm not part of the majority. I always see other girls reach out more for reddish and brownish toned lippies, and given the whole slay trend whatever, mauve has been sooo in demand as of late. Not everyone feels comfortable to wear vibrant pink, and I know this because I think I'm the only one in my circle of friends who wears hot pink lipstick on a regular basis. There are some who have reservations that it's too much for them, or that it's too childish or too playful, or that it just doesn't suit them. I do agree and appreciate that this collection is all about making a wide enough spectrum of pinks, from mellow, nude pinks, to the most vivid, vampy, and dramatic pinks. So that there's bound to be a pink for everyone in this collection. 

And weee, just to end this post, here are some garden shots I took of this rose plantbox!

And once more, Uno was curious about the roses. He has had a history of destroying plants so I am glad he just sniffed the roses!

The roses just look too pretty. My mom is now planning to turn these shots into paintings when she gets the free time (yes I had to specify this because she barely has the free time).

So don't forget to #ChoosePinks today!

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