If you've been to EDSA this week, you already know what's going on. But in case you missed it, Gigi Hadid is now officially Penshoppe's newest muse! And she is the new muse because Penshoppe just released its Power Stretch jeans, its jeans line for girls who are on the go, comfort conscious but fashion and style savvy! Gigi perfectly embodies the persona of the Power Stretch wearer, so it was a perfect fit (no pun intended mehehe). 

This event was held at the Shooting Gallery studios. I have never heard of this place at all. I've heard of a lot of studios, but not this one in particular. It was amusing to find this because when we were on our way we didn't expect it to be this grand. We were expecting a big warehouse with a high wall, but to our surprise, it was a super conspicuous property.

I wasn't there for the first part of the event, but when I got there, Penshoppe was having a DenimLab fashion show. Not all the denim you see here are Power Stretch jeans material, so it's a general denim fashion show. I think the models loved this gig because they were all in flats and sneakers and in comfy streetwear in general hahaha. 

There was a good number of people who were waiting for the grand reveal. This venue just happens to be sooo big that's why it doesn't look so full.

Here is Jeff Bascon, brand director for Penshoppe, onstage, talking about the current roster of Penshoppe endorsers. He told me later on that they really look for goodwill, star power, and relatability in all their endorsers. This kind of explains the reason why their current endorsers include Sandara Park, Sean O'Pry, Lucky Blue Smith, Mario Maurer and Kendall Jenner.

And finally, now, Gigi is part of the roster! All her photos for Penshoppe are suuuper gorgeous, and even if there were tons of sexy models who did the fashion show, it was Gigi's reveal that really heated things up and livened up the crowd. It was a different level of smoking hot, I swear. 

Just to make you guys know how much of a revelation it is, this is how this set of decor looked like when I got to the venue. 

And this is how they looked like after Gigi's grand reveal. Even the managers had their mouths shut and really wouldn't budge when I asked who the new endorser was because they told me it was so big of a reveal that I had to experience it for myself. And indeed it was such a big reveal!

Now that the reveal is done, it's now time to "shop!" Penshoppe was gracious enough to give each blogger a new outfit of a pair of jeans and a denim polo/jacket. The jeans on the rack you see in this photo are the PowerStretch jeggings. 

They had a patch station for those who wanted to customize their jeans and tops. I didn't put any patches on my clothes anymore because there was no more letter M when I got there, and also because I wanted to keep the clothes looking professional and clean as they were very smart-looking pieces. 

Here are Charlene and Phya attaching patches onto their garments. Each blogger had a 3-patch allotment, so I gave my allotment to them instead as they, on the other hand, really wanted to customize their clothes.

And this is how it looked like when they were packing up and everybody was ready to go home. I was told that they made this studio black for the purpose of this occasion, so I'm like wow.

Till the next hot endorser reveal! Or like I hope Gigi comes here that'd be great.

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