So the last time I did a review of a product from Sample Room it was also from Olay, so I guess you can say that I have a fancy way to get Olay products as it always comes from Sample Room wahaha.

So yaaay! This is my review for their new #OneWashWonder Skin Whitening Bars. This I think is the leading variant because it's pink (yes, in the FMCG world, almost all women's products are driven by pink). I got this for 20 points at Sample Room and paid a 100 peso shipping fee, which isn't bad given that I got other products in my haul, and that it turned out to be a nice product!

I miss doing soap bar reviews so this is a fun thing for me to do today. 

So for formalities, this is how the box looks like.  

For the curious folks out there, here are the description and the ingredients list. 

"Olay skin whitening bar with rose and milk has been specially designed with a triple whitening system that will help: 
1.) Reveal your natural white skin all over
2. Gently exfoliate your skin and wash away dead skin cells
3.) Even your skin tone to make it look clean and clear

Enjoy its creamy lather and lasting fragrance that will leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Feel the difference from the first use!"

So this is how the bar looks like out of the box and everything. It's a simple pink bar with contours underneath. Just the usual bar.

So let's cut to the chase and go to demo time! When the bar is wet, it really will start to lather up.

To see the One Wash Wonder claims, this is me before using the bar.

And this is me after using the bar. It really has brightened up from before, though I have yet to probably use this for an extended period of time to be able to see a very obvious result. What I actually noticed more after usage was that it's like you used their Moisture Outlast Body Wash instead because skin feels so moisturized and supple.

 In terms of fragrance, it leaves a light scent on the skin. The bar itself smells like a more citrusy version of Lancôme miracle. I actually spent a lot of time thinking about what it smelled like because I knew in my heart that I have sniffed such a fragrance before, I just couldn't think of the fragrance. Or perhaps it smells a lot like a mashup of Moschino I Love Love and D&G Light Blue. But I think I can safely say that it doesn't smell like roses, more so that as I type this I am beside a recently purchased rose scented bath bar and it really smells like a rose garden. It smells creamy in a sense, but it doesn't smell like what we think when a product has milk in it. You can rely on this product to be your "base" so that when you put on your fragrances, it simply builds on the fragrance that this bar leaves.

In terms of lather, simply using it as a bar won't really show the lather it harnesses. I took it to the next level by using my beating net with it! So a beating net is not a lather puff in a sense. It's mesh, yes, but it's constructed in a different way that it resembles a skirt more than a puff. As for why this exists, it is more of a Japanese concept because their belief in cleansing is not using all those beady and scrub-ey formulae, they instead believe that by using a beating net to make a foam whose bubbles are so small that they're pore size, these super small bubbles can then enter the pores and suck out the dirt without sucking the life and natural barrier off the skin.

I feel confident that this can be used on the face because it's so moisturizing for a bar, so I went on to use it with this beating net.

After rubbing the bar onto the net and beating the net, this is what was produced.

Or from a gentle swipe of the bar, this is all the foam and lather that was produced after being squeezed out of the net. I know it may not look so grand in the photo, but this amount is enough to wash the faces of two people, so it really makes a whole lot of foam if you give it the chance.

If you're on a budget, this will be a good pick as it can work for both the face and body. It may not be a cheap bar at Php46 for a 90g bar, but it can work a lot of wonders, and if you have a beating net, I think you can prolong the usage of the soap even further as you only need so little soap to create a lather like this.

 So yaaaay, till the next soap review! Mwah! 

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