Happy 15th, Zen Zest! Last May 22, Zen Zest treated us bloggers to a very very very scrumptious meal at Le Petit Souffle at the Century City mall. The meal was soooo heavy that you can feel the grandiose of their anniversary hahaha.

But on a more serious note, it feels so surreal to be part of this event because time just goes by soooo quickly. I never really stopped to count that Zen Zest has been in the industry for that long. If it's 15 years, it technically means that it's been there since I was in Kinder 2 hahhahahahaha
I had an inkling that this event woud have a floral interior since it's a fragrance brand and I was right.

I'm not exactly sure as to how Le Petit Soufflé looks like on a normal day (this is my first time not only to this restaurant but to this mall as a whole), but the venue ended up looking like a botanical garden on the day of the event.

 So they had a whoooole loooong table full of products for bloggers to sample and to keep. All of us were given event cards and we basically had allotments for how much we could get from each division. They currently have an aromatherapy division, a home scents line, their classic line (of body spray, body wash, hand wash, hand sanitizer, and body scrub), and a personal scents line.

These are their home care fragrances. I wasn't able to take any of these items home because when I selected my products, I was told to claim it "later." By later, I understood that it must be upon exiting the venue. But turns out, it means, right after I leave the station. There was no home care product left, so they showered me with classic products instead! I didn't see it as a problem at all.

There is no order on which station should go first, so I went to the personal scents area next. They have a looot of fragrances, and it was so amusing that even the scents supposedly for men can actually pass off as unsex. I got Aquamarine as it's got a clean, crisp fragrance perfect for any gender. I also got Indigo as I wanted a light powdery floral fragrance. 

I went to the Classic collection area and I had a pick of two items. This is perhaps the best area for me as their classic line has cherry blossom and vanilla! I always gravitate to fragrances that are sweet so vanilla is always an option for me. Their cherry blossom scented products will remind you of a lot of their more expensive foreign counterparts in terms of scent, but I heard that a body wash-body spray-hand wash-body scrub combo is only Php500, so that's probably even less than a bottle of lotion of a foreign brand! 

The last division for today is the aromatherapy fragrances department. Their aromatherapy line is already quite diverse as they have linen/room sprays, massage oils, and roll on versions of the fragrances for pure aromatherapy purposes (like you rub it on your pulse points and sniff it to experience aromatherapy). 

These are the fragrances I got. My family is into massage a lot so it was natural for me to get two bottles of massage oil. I also got lavender linen spray and it's just sooo relaxing whenever I use it!

After the scent sampling and selection, it was time to enjoy our food! Here's Paul and Kaycee.

And Kaycee with Yette. I'm glad they were such willing subjects hahaha

During our meal, Liz Lanuzo (yes, THE Liz Lanuzo) gave an introduction of the brand and she also introduced Michelle Fontelera, the woman who started it all.

And yaaay, the food is here! The pasta is super good. And the yolk there is amusing...

My dessert is salted egg parfait. This sounds like a weird combination but in reality it's a harmony of flavors. I was also stressed out in school so I needed a break like this!

This is the venue right before I left.

So yes, thats's it for now. Here's to another 15 prosperous years for Zen Zest!

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