You think based from this photo that this is yet another Korean cutesy unboxing, but well, it's not! Even I didn't know unboxings could be this unique! I was taken by surprise by most, if not all, of the items in this curated box, and it was loads of fun to do this unboxing! 

So team Althea asked me if I could do another unboxing video for them (check out my first post here!). I happily obliged because I was very happy with their service the last time I got stuff from them. Service matters to me a lot because as a blogger, even if the product is free, when foreign products are involved, a trip to the post office is almost always needed. But with Althea, since they have Philippine representation, the items really get to your house. They are super secure because the delivery guy even tried to call me before leaving the item. The people at home were asked to show proof that I exist in our house before the delivery guy left the items. And the fact that I didn't have to go out of my way to pick up any parcel at the post office is the ultimate icing to the cake. Ever since its launch, Althea has been my preferred online retailer of choice when it comes to Korean favorites since it has expanded the product selection so much since its launch, and it has been teaming up with a lot of brands to sell limited edition items, too. 

So yeah, now that you've seen it, it's time to talk about the products! 

These are Kocostar Slice Mask Sheets. These are at Php230 per sheet (from Althea of course!)
At first glance, you think they're the usual mask sheets just infused with fruit extracts, but they turn out to be mask sheets that are meant to mimic real life fruit slices!

I have now googled how they work, and you're supposed to take out this whole sheet, punch out the cucumber slices (they are already pre cut and you just need to break the perforation), and pile it on your face without a care in the world. I think this is the perfect choice for those who need something fun to do in their lives. Or in my case, I personally don't have time to leave the house because of everything I do, that this is the best way for me to feel like I'm in the spa even when I'm not.

Next up is this jar of Honey Snail Ultra Moisture Cream from Nella Fantasia (This retails at Php1050). This just comes with the cutest packaging ever. I know the jar is so simple but the snail illustration is too cute for my life lkjlkjfkljlskfjlksf. If a happy golden snail bathing in honey being poured out by a happy bee is not cute to you, please reconsider your life choices hahaha. But more importantly, I've realized that it's got a very unique texture. I could not explain it in the video, but now I can put it into words that the formula is so cohesive. It's not sticky per se, but like when you try to lift up the lid, if you don't lift it up with enough force, it will spring back onto the jar. It's not like the stickiness of honey, although honey is a part of this product. It's got a texture of its own. It stays super moist on the skin and you can really feel skin being springy and everything. Skin becomes just as bouncy as this formulation.

I now learn that this is loaded with Mucin (the same stuff of snail secretion), hence the very unique and springy texture.

Up next is Kocostar's Ggongji Hair Pack. This turned out to be what I guessed. During the unboxing video, I had an idea that it must not be a cream or like hair conditioner because I could really cop a feel of a sheet like thingy inside the sachet. To add, the illustration already says a lot. It really is a hair sheet mask, but it's in the shape of a ponytail holder. You can go out and hang out with your friends and errthing and no one would even suspect you were nourishing your hair. Or I'm thinking that if someone pulls it off of you this'll be like Mia's glorious hat removal-pretty hair revelation in Princess Diaries. It's late as I write this so forgive my imagination.

This is yet another correct guess. This is Medi Heally's herb warm patch! This really is meant to help relieve aches/cramps/discomforts brought about by PMS. I wonder if it can also alter your mood and make you hate the world less whahahaha. It's apparently made of herbs and these things able to stay warm (just the right kind of warm, I am told) for the whole day. 

And in my four years of blogging, this has yet to be the most scandalous item I have ever encountered! Huzaaa!! This is Lala Rose Day Natural Therapy Oil. It does look like an expensive bottle of expensive aromatherapy oil, but its destiny is to make your lady parts smell like a botanical oasis the whole day! You are supposed to put a drop of this onto your underwear for a whole day of fragrance (they also have ylang ylang and jasmine if someone needs you to have more flowers in your life). I honestly think my underwear is not the right place because it just smells so expensive. It doesn't exactly smell like rose because it also has bergamot and other flowers and barks. It smells exactly like a very expensive aromatherapy brand that was gifted to my mother (like Php6000 per vial this size), so when I asked my mom to sniff it, she was like "OMG let's use it on our atomizer." 

That's exactly what I was thinking about in the video, too!

But for those who were looking for a better smelling bottom, I am sad to say that I could not find this in our Philippine Althea... 

And this is yet another treasure that has yet to arrive in our Althea! 

This is the Lala Rose Day Inner Beauty Gel Cleanser. So this is a feminine wash, but with a very high end feel to it. The packaging is like the packaging of a posh body wash or body cream, and well, it's Koreaaan. But the scent really is what seals the deal. I cannot get enough of how this smells like a very rich rose garden. I think it's the items like these that everyone's too shy to talk about but I feel like feminine wash really has a lot to do with someone's overall hygiene and confidence. This is probably why companies are churning out specialized products like these. 

Woo! Too many secrets! Which product was the most unique or scandalous to you? 

Till then, I will come to terms with how I will use my, ehem, "special" oil mehehe...

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