L'Oréal Collection Star by Eva (Nymphea) Lipstick

Hello everyone! So welcome to Mari's dream! Yes, you're inside my dream because if I were to create a lipstick collection, this would be it. You guys know hoooow much I love pink lipsticks that when L'Oréal released their Velvet Pinks collection I just went wild with giddiness. I wear pink lipsticks everyday, save for like the 0.1% of the year when I'm in a red lipstick. But the 99.9% really goes to a pink lipstick or lip balm or lip gloss. I think the feelings of giddiness were intensified by the fact that these lipsticks were sent with super beautiful (and expensive oh my goodness) Ecuadorian roses of Petalier

You may have already seen the press release for L'Oréal's La Vie En Rose Velvet Pinks Collection Star Color Riche Lipstcks collection (whew what a mouthful!), with the campaign being hashtagged #IChoosePinks because this whole collection is meant to cover all kinds of pinks to make sure that every Pinay has a pink that she can relate to and would be comfortable rocking out. L'Oréal knows that deep inside, every girl wants to wear pink lipsticks, but sometimes the fear of looking childish or the fear of looking weird with pink gets in the way of getting tickled pink. 

So this post in specific is about Collection Star Eva, or Nymphea. 

So this is how the packaging looks like. Since this came in a pretty box with the six other lipsticks in a fancy manner, this unfortunately came unsealed and therefore I have no ingredients lists for this collection. But well, in exchange for the ingredients list I got Ecuadorian roses for the first time in my life (and they're now potpourri in our living room), so that's fair. 
L'Oréal Collection Star by Eva (Nymphea) Lipstick Tube

In our territory its other name is Nymphea, but I think in other territories even the bottom of the lipstick will say Eva, too. 
L'Oréal Collection Star by Eva (Nymphea) Lipstick Tube Bottom

I already own 11 of these lipsticks and I can really say that the packaging is a lifesaver. In real life, L'Oréal is very good in making these plastic squares in colors that are very true to the actual lipstick. So even if they're side by side, you can still tell by the plastic tile as to which shade is which. It's relatively easy to look for what you're looking for in a short amount of time. The signature of the celebrity on the packaging also helps so much because when I am rushing to get somewhere, simply knowing which celebrity made which shade is already enough because I just look for what I want based on the signature. 
L'Oréal Collection Star by Eva (Nymphea) Lipstick

When I first saw this in real life, I thought this'd be my perfect MLBB shade. But when I already got down to swatching and errthing, I realized that this will be a good muted, dusty rose, but it will not be an MLBB for my skintone since its hue is a bit dark relative to my lip color. Like it's natural looking, but it will not blend in with respect to my original lip and gum colors. It will be the perfect MLBB lippie for morena skintones, though.
L'Oréal Collection Star by Eva (Nymphea) Lipstick

This one actually is the most universal shade of all, because I think that this is the pink that can be used by everyone and will look good on everyone. This is a warmer shade, but I think that the touches of mauve (or technically, since mauve is a brownish pink and this collection hinges on pink, I could also be more politically correct by saying that there are touches of brown in this particular pink) help to make it universally pleasing. Since Eva herself has the skintone many Pinays have, I think this is the most universal of all. This is the perfect lippie that will not blend into the background but will not overpower your look. This is also the one in the collection that transcends age, as this is the kind of shade that my mom's generation would personally pick out for themselves. For my generation, this is also the kind of lipstick that would be among our first makeup purchases.
L'Oréal Collection Star by Eva (Nymphea) Lipstick Swatch

This is how it looks like on the lips. So this, and all the other shades in the Color Riche collection, have the ability to be so buildable. You can use this as thinly as tint, or you can pile it on as thickly as you want to make it emulate the effect of a liquid lipstick. For this photo, I have it put on relatively thickly for it to be opaque enough, but not too thickly for it to behave as liquid lipstick altogether. In real life, (since you guys technically will not look at my lips like this), this goes on quite matte-ly.
L'Oréal Collection Star by Eva (Nymphea) Lipstick Lip Swatch

Since this is a neutral lippie, and there don't seem to be many touches of blue, and that it's warm toned as well, it doesn't create much of an illusion of whiter teeth. But I think amongst all the shades, this looks the "creamiest" on the lips so I think the creaminess will be the focal point of your look instead of your teeth.

So this is how it looks like on me. I loved how it behaved on me, actually. This just didn't become my favoritest favorite in the end because I fell in love more with Aishwarya. But well, since this is my dream and you're still inside of it, this is still such a pretty lipstick shade for me. This is a mellow shade despite having a relatively darker hue compared to my lips. So this is why in terms of being the perfect everyday lipstick for women who are trying to look like they don't need makeup to stay sane, this shade is doing the perfect job.
Wearing L'Oréal Collection Star by Eva (Nymphea) Lipstick

I've mixed this several times with Aishwarya so that I could get the mauve touch of this one and the vivacity of Aishwarya, and at times I'd mix this with Naomi to lighten up the hue. This is a good lippie to start with for anyone starting out with makeup or with this collection overall as it's the most neutral, universal, and the easiest to experiment with.

According to Verna Marin, chief makeup artist of L'Oréal Paris Philippines, this will work best on morena skintones. According to Marilene Perez, writer of this blog, you need this and all the other shades in the collection because every shade is too pretty to not buy.

This collection of L'Oréal has always been consistent in having great quality throughout the years, but if you need the different properties broken down, here goes: 

Color Payoff- This collection ALWAYS has the best color payoff. Lipsticks are always as vivid on me as how vivid they are on the tube, and the color is more or less accurate relative to the tube. I've also enjoyed how vivid the colors are that most, if not all, of my lipsticks from this collection leave very good stains and tints. 

Texture- These lipsticks have a silky texture, and presumably have a powdered formula in order to make them matte and silky. So like when you use these, they're not as slippery as using lip balm, but they do not resemble the formulae of liquid lipsticks or matte creams as they are much more emollient and spreadable. These later generation ones are less wispy than the old L'Oréal lipsticks, but the structure in the formula is perhaps what helps to make it buildable. You can pat this on and the color will be able to stick on and look like a tint. You can add more, apply it more liberally, or go back and forth several times in order to get a much more opaque look. 

Comfort- These lipsticks are less wispy and less spreadable (spread as in how slippery it is when you smack your lips, not to be confused with blendability) than the old generation ones, so they feel less like lip balms now. However, compared to matte lipsticks of other brands, or the high vivacity color formulae of other brands, this is more spreadable and more comfortable. One key feature of this is that it does not weigh the lips down by having an opaque formula, so it doesn't feel heavy on the lips, which helps to make things more comfy. 

Longevity- As a lipstick, you'd need to reapply this every few hours or so depending on how much oily food you are eating. If you want to keep up the opacity, you need to be committed to doing retouches ever so often. But if you want to just have a little color on the lips the whole day, you can slather this on and leave it be because the tint it leaves can stay on the whole day. In a typical jam packed day, I'd more or less reach out for vivid shades of this collection like 3-5 times, and for the less vivid shades, like every hour or so (there are near nude shades from this collection so those types really need to be reapplied or else my natural lip pinkness will override the lightness of the shade) 

You can get this (or any other ones in the collection for that matter) for Php400. BUT! L'Oréal often has a lot of flash sales for this product line so be sure to stalk them on social media so you're the first to know when the deal's a steal! (Yes there was once that they sold this for Php200 only for a weekend, so when they say flash sale, they really mean flash sale!!)

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