Welcome to the Philippines, Charmzone!!! 

So for those of you who are curious, Charmzone is a Korean skincare brand that has been around for over 30 years already. They just happen to have a very personal approach to business that's why we haven't heard of them yet. By personal, as in CEO Kwang Sok Kim has been personally doing the seminars for Charmzone's customers since its inception, in order to really provide a personal touch to the customers' retail experience. This is already a well established brand in Korea, and has amassed a strong fanbase in China (they have dominated Chinese airlines' duty free stores!!!). And of course, they will soon amass many fans and admirers here! 

In order to celebrate their launch, many of the leaders of the company welcomed the press and other stakeholders to an evening of Korean fun last Friday at the Makati Shangri-la hotel. 

So here is the photobooth area! The mascot is a frog probably because of their Dr. Frog skincare line, which is immensely popular among Koreans. 

A lot of people have sent their congratulatory messages through these flowers. My basic Korean came into use as the ribbons had the messages written in hangeul.

Amusingly, I was shocked to go into the venue and not see products displayed all over the place. What greeted me was a massive lane of food on the perimeter of the venue. And instead of displays of products, models strut their stuff as each major product line is unveiled. It is a very different approach, but I felt it's tasteful and professional. 

So this is their Gingko natural product line. This is supposed to get rid of fine dust and cleanse the skin, leaving it soft and supple This also boasts Phyto-energy technology that helps to keep the skin healthy. 

Like this one, they have a Gingko natural toner. This is not the drying kind of toner, and instead is meant to be a toner which adjusts your pores and dead skin cells to make it smooth.

They also have cleanser cream and water for this. I think the cleansing water is like their take on micellar water, but thus far this is the first makeup removing water I've seen that comes packed with a special ingredient!

And the models then go on to pose with the Charm in Cell cream. The Charm in Cell product line boasts having Toco Vita-C technology, Vitamin C and E derivatives, and in total has 8 patented components. It won a Jang Yong Sil award (which must be very prestigious given that Jang Yong Sil was a very revered royal scientist in his day). 

Here are some of the products under this product line. 

Amusingly, their DeAGE anti aging line has CRD-2. a red wine component, in order to improve skin condition. The red packaging is not just mere gimmick because this product line also boasts having tomato, mulberry, pomegranate and other red superfood extracts into the mix.

This is the grand look of the event. Yes that lady is Cory Quirino. And yes in the first photo of this blog post that was indeed Sam Oh hosting the event! 

They recently opened their showroom in BF Homes Parañaque, and step by step they'll be working on more showrooms in the Greater Manila Area and in Southern Luzon provinces. They also have plans to sell in malls and in online retail platforms in the near future, so watch out! 

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