Happy First birthday, Althea!!! I am very happy to be part of Althea's birthday celebrations because in the few months that they have been doing operations in the Philippines, they have basically revolutionized the way we Pinays shop for Korean products online. Goodbye to the days of needing to go to the post office (and all the bureaucracies, tired legs and hassles that come with it), needing to beg our friends who are going to Korea to get us limited edition items, and most of all, goodbye to needing to deal with expensive prices from online scalpers! 

I say this not because they've sent boxes for free, but rather because I'm a genuine Korean product shopper. I've already tried ordering Korean products from online Korean beauty giants, and it's such a hassle when I have to go to the post office. It's so anticlimactic when you're waiting eagerly for your favorite items to come only to get the excitement killed off in a long queue in the post office. And it goes downhill from there when you see your products stuffed in forlorn boxes that have become tattered and wrinkled in the long journey. With Althea, it's about a real consumer experience. From the convenience of your home, you can enjoy your products wrapper properly in bubble wrap and placed in very cute pink boxes. I used to think that the pink boxes were merely instruments for branding, but the more I order from them, the more I associate the pink box with excitement and eagerness. There is now something magical about the pink box. I actually have never thrown out any of my pink boxes yet because I really like to keep them for the magic and thrill. 

And so these are the items I got...

First it the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. Literally anybody who's somebody has tried this product and fallen in love with it, so I spoiled myself and got this one.

I have been having difficulties looking for toners in the Philippines that aren't about the strong oil absorbing alcoholic formulas, so I thought I'd get something Korean. I looked at the choices of toners and this seemed the most interesting, so I got this Mamonde Rose Water toner. I also got this because I have been collecting rose scented products as of late, so this seemed like a naturally good choice.

I also got one of innisfree's Jeju Volcanic blackhead out balms because I am soooo curious as to how this product actually works. There's a lot of contradicting information on the internet so I thought I'd see for myself...

Last but definitely not the least, I got myself a Holika Holika Heartful Moisture lipstick! This has been on my wish list for the longest time, but I always end up not getting this because it is a relatively affordable item to be eligible for free shipping alone, but when I do get enough items for free shipping, I always feel like "Oh this is enough no more items." But this time, finally, I got one of these.

 This is such a gorgeous nude shade and I am so excited to use this. I am also so excited to see how sheer or opaque this is because this will be interesting to blend with other colors.

And I got some free samples of innisfree! They know how much I love innisfree hihihi...

So these are all the items I got! I am now regretting not knowing that Mamonde also has a rosewater gel because I would have hoarded that as well! But nonetheless, I feel so spoiled today with this haul.

This is how my birthday hat turned out so weeeee. There were still a lot of decorations that I wasn't able to use so I am very excited to see how other people's party hats will look like.

And I'm also excited to see how people will play with their party balloons!!! I really like how I feel like I threw a party even if it's Althea that had done so hahaha

Happy birthday, Althea! 
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