Yaaaay, more Apple products!!! Uptown Mall in BGC is relatively new, so it's nice to see the place get filled up with more and more stores. Of course, as with any other mall, it needs to have an Apple Reseller. I personally have been a Mac user since 2009 so I understand the need for an Apple Reseller in every mall. Every Mac user will know that a Mac product will not stand alone and will need accessories, spare parts and other attachments. 

I actually spent this time asking about the latest developments from Apple hahaha. The Mac's I own are so different from the Mac's that they make now. For one, in order to make a more compact body, Apple solders in all the parts already, and as such one needs to have his/her desired specs indicated before ordering a new laptop. My laptop was late 2011 version and still didn't have things soldered in (it functioned a lot like the usual computer tower wherein the parts are easily exchangeable), so I was able to go to an authorized reseller to get the RAM and storage upgraded. Now, you still can have high RAM and storage, but you need to make up your mind already prior to placing your order. 

I was actually advised to go for an iMac if it's for home use as there still are iMac's that allow for exchange of parts.  

I was also advised to go for a Mac cylinder as it is  able to go up to 64GB RAM (WHICH IS CRAZY YOU GUYSSSS), but I think I'd need to work for 1 million years before I'd be able to afford it hahaha.

So for those who are wondering as to what a Mac cylinder is, this is the black cylinder here. This is actually called Mac Pro but I've called this the Mac cylinder thousands of times in front of Apple store staff and have been understood all this time so it's all cool. It is small and compact and many people still can't believe that this is actually a tower/CPU. But yes this tiny black thing will be able to support the technological needs of professional gamers, filmmakers, ad agency wizards and make the dreams of ordinary citizens (like I) come true. This retails from like Php150,000 upwards but is a very powerful device for those who can afford it. 

Weeell going back to the more humanly affordable stuff, as with any other branch of Beyond the Box, expect to see plenty of accessories and attachments. There is a good assortment of speakers, headphones, earphones, and other cables.

There are also plenty of Apple watches although I have yet to join the bandwagon... I am eyeing the Mac cylinder more mehehehe

When it was already time for the inaugural, they put the ribbons on already.

So here is the actual ribbon cutting ceremony. In theory I'm sure I've seen a lot of ribbon cutting ceremonies but it's still amusing to see it in real life.

Key management and related senior officials happily pose for a photo op. 

And no one told me they had giant iPads for sale now hahaha. I'd totally buy this for taking photos of my cat.

But one more key event of the day is the fact that they recently held an iPhone photography contest!!! And there was an exhibit over it!!! I was sooo amazed with the calibre of the entries given that all of them were taken with iPhones. They did specify that they did have measures to ensure the integrity and honesty over the entries, so this more or less is really legit iPhone sorcery.

Everybody was in a mix of excitement to see the photos, see the judges, and install their own Momax iPhone lenses as they also had a mini version of the contest for us. 

And these are some of the entries!!!

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