Homaaaygash, I still can't believe I'm, actually talking about this nor presenting this at all. I am still in shock to have found legitimately near exact dupe formulae for the Kylie Lip Kits I own, namely Koko K, Candy K and Posie K. As you may have known, earlier this year, Maybelline released a stellar 5 shade nudy pinks collection in the form of their Rosy Mattes. During that time, I was already hoping that the nudy pinks would match my lip kits as I got Kylie's pinkish shades, but they did not. The Rosy Mattes were too pink and too mellow. Fast forward to this month and Maybelline releases their Creamy Mattes Brown Nudes edition alongside their big reveal of Liza Soberano as their endorser. Of course, this breaks the internet and Maybelline salesladies have started to dream of these lipsticks. During my product photography of the Creamy Mattes, I was genuinely hoping that there'd be something in the 5 shades that'd look like my lip kits, but still, nothing looked alike (I am guessing that they look like the browner shades in Kylie's collection). Until it dawned on me that the answer might not be in just one shade. A rainy afternoon turned into a swatchfest experiment extravaganza, that by the time I came up with my ideas, I was a mess already. 

So I am so proud to say that amidst all the photoshopping the photo above has received, it has just been over all the decorations and logos I have added. I have not photoshopped my face in any manner for this cover photo, most especially not the lips. I really have Koko K on the left side of my lips and Maybelline combo's on the right side. No photoshopping, no color correction, no bulls*** (this is the most daring word I have said in the eons this blog has existed)-- just real dupes you can rely on and execute immediately. 

For my viewers who don't speak Tagalog or for those who aren't into video, here's how I got it. My apologies to readers from other Maybelline territories as I'm not sure if the Creamy Matte ones are already released or about to be released in your territory. We are a very Kardashian-centric country as we are highly Westernized, hence the prevalence of such trends here. I didn't see this in Thailand in my trip a few weeks back and will not wonder if this is not yet released in other Asian territories.

Koko K
Koko K is among Kylie's lightest shades. I already had an idea that Rosy Mattes was already the base for achieving Koko K as Koko K's lip pencil is exactly the same color already as Mat 1 from the Rosy Mattes. However, Mat 1 is still too light and too pink and too un-brown to actually look like Koko K's liquid lipstick. I thank the makeup gods (a.k.a. brand managers of Maybelline and the big bosses) for bringing in brown nudes. I was initially eyeing the lighter shades, until I saw that they didn't contribute much brown-ness and watered down the Rosy Matte even more. Touch of Spice is pretty but it's too brightly reddish to be watered down to Koko K, and Burgundy Blush is of course too dark. The solution came in Nude Nuance as it had the right amount of darkness, redness and brownness to be able to look like Koko K when added with Natural Beige. 

This is how it looks like in swatch form. This is relatively easy given that only two lipsticks are needed and that there is little precision needed in the proportions of each shade to be used to get the desired final result. On the lips though, one must use Nude Nuance lightly as piling it on too thickly will lead to a color too dark compared to Koko K once Natural Beige is added. Conversely, one can start with Natural Beige then just slowly add Nude Nuance to get to the desired shade.

And I sweaaar, no color corrections, no camera tricks, Koko K lip pencil really looks like Maybelline's Rosy Mattes Mat 1. 

 Candy K
Getting Candy K makes me the happiest. I feel like the gods of makeup had to possess me to get this one right. Thus far, this has been the most difficult shade to copy among Kylie's lip kits that I own. I got my lip kit in late February and up to this date I have never seen any product replicate it fully, or even actually come close to it. It's pink, brown, and a tad little plummy, all at the same time. In real life there is a plummy and dominantly brown touch. Nude Nuance was a good starting point as it's darker than Candy K so there was a lot of leeway to do more to lighten it. I tried both Nude Embrace and Daringly Nude as the lighter nudes from the Brown Nudes collection to water it down, but I ended up preferring Daringly Nude because of the pinkish undertones it had which I felt was helpful to making it pink. I added Natural Beige as a way of injecting more pinkness into the mix, but it was only a tiny amount so as to formalize the pinkish touches. Just the two lipsticks from the brown nudes can already suffice to the untrained eye. 

Posie K
Posie K was an interesting shade to get as it really got me to experiment. Thus far, this is easy enough to get theory wise, but the hardest to get proportion wise. Velvet Matte is the liquid lipstick of Maybelline that has a very emollient texture with a semi-gloss finish when piled on thickly, so its glossy contributions make the dupe lighter than what is supposed to be. One must make a concrete effort to mix the liquid lippie into the lipsticks to try to get it as flat as possible. But still, color wise, Mat 6 is still the best choice as it's the right kind of wine color and the right kind of brightness for Posie K. But OMG, as I write this, I remember that I also have the Maybelline Lip Gradation in Fuchsia 1. I tried the combo, replacing Velvet Matte with Lip Gradation, and ended up with a good dupe as well. Mat 6 really provides the perfect balance of wine-ness and vampyness to get the shade, but now that I write this, Fuchsia 1 of Lip Gradation helps to make an all-matte combo. So yeahp, there are now two ways to get it. 


This is how it looks like in swatches when Mat 6 is used. To be honest, whether one uses Lip Gradation Fuchsia 1 or Velvet Matte Mat 6, one still needs to exert some effort to be able to get the right proportions to get to Posie K.

So now let's talk money. I got my three lip kits from Instagram stores @MakeupBarManila (Candy K) and PrettyLei22 (Koko K and Posie K). I got Candy K for Php2800, Koko K for Php2400, and Posie K via trading a brand new lip kit whose shade I didn't like upon inspection, but it technically cost just as much as the other two. I don't want to do the math already. When I look at my lip kits I don't even want to think about the prices anymore.

And let's do Maybelline Math. For one to do all three shades, one needs Creamy Mattes in Nude Nuance and Daringly Nude, each retailing for Php299. One will also need Rosy Mattes in Mat 1 (Natural Beige) and Mat 4 (Apricot Beige), each also retailing at Php299. Velvet Matte retails for Php349 while Lip Gradation retails for Php399. If one will use Velvet Matte for Posie, the sum will be at Php1545, and Php1595 if one will use Lip Gradation. At this rate, one has already received 5 full sized lip products, and if they're on sale, the prices can even go lower, and has done the job at 70% less expenses. I love Kylie, but if there's an affordable way to get exactly the look, why won't I advocate for it? I also fell in love with the notion of accessibility as I had to cross oceans to get my own lip kits. It'd make me so happy if people didn't have to suffer so much to get one and could just hop to the nearest Maybelline counter to get their fix.

I did this not because I have anything against Kylie whatsoever. With my reverence for the Kardashians and three lip kits of my own, I really love Kylie so much. I really just want to throw out ideas out there. For one, while Kylie's liquid lipsticks are the comfiest and perhaps the best ones I've ever owned, I still would prefer lipstick to liquid lipstick any day. At the same time, Maybelline Creamy Mattes Brown Nudes is all about the comfort. The formula is even comfier than other Maybelline releases this year, as in it's super creamy and buttery and dreamy. And of course, price is always an issue. I am happy to be able to suggest high quality dupes via Maybelline that are easily accessible and affordable for most consumers. So yeah, I'm not trying to be salty or throw shade on any party at all.

By the way, I'm doing a giveaway by the way!!! I'm giving a Nude Nuance, a Hypercurl Mascara, and a color Tattoo in shade 90 to one lucky subscriber! Deets are in the description box of my Youtube video.

I have yet to sleep hahahaha. And do more experiments in my lair. Till then, happy experimenting!!!

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