I finally got it dooone!!! I have been wanting to get an eyebrowdery since the start of last year, but I just haven't done so because I've been soooo busy that I haven't had the chance to get it done. I finally got it done the other day at Fleek Eyebrow and Beauty Clinic when Jane offered to sponsor my eyebrowdery experience! 

I was initially scared to get it done when she contacted me because in between the time I wanted to get it done last year and now, I have heard of many botched eyebrowdery jobs done by very popular clinics. One family friend in specific shelled out sooo much money just for the eyebrow place to not ask for her opinion and to just get on with the job and use an ink too dark, do eyebrows so thick and leave the eyebrows unfortunately so unevenly. This is a top clinic that did this, which is why I got super scared. Thankfully, Jane reassured me that in her clinic, there is no culture of self-worship and she really seeks out the opinions and thoughts of all clients to ensure that the work done is what the client desires. 

And eyebrowdery is the term I used here because this treatment is not to be treated the same as the henna eyebrow tattoos our moms and aunts have. The eyebrow tattoos of our aunts are the ones that use henna, hence the color change to green or purple. Theirs are the ones that have been there on their eyebrows for decades and counting. Henna tattoos indeed last for like 20 years or more, so with the old style tattoo what you'll get is what you'll be living with in the next few decades or so. This treatment, on the other hand, uses vegetable pigments and lasts only about two years, with the pigment just losing strength in color instead of changing to green or purple as time elapses. Some people begin to need retouches at six months, some at one year, and I think there are those whose skin conditions can make the eyebrowdery last for two full years. No one can fully predict one's skin  retention till the eyebrowdery is done, and people have different opinions on what counts as faded enough to need a retouch, so this is why I can't answer the exact time frame it'll last on someone. 

So in this post I'll be throwing in my experience and also the answers to questions that have always baffled people over eyebrowdery treatments.

So this is how the blade looks like. I used to think that it was a needle that they used but turns out it's a microblade like this one that they use per client. There are some clinics that use machines, but Jane prefers to use a manual pen tool to attach the blades onto in order to make a more precise and natural result. This is the blade in specific used to make thin lines. And for those who are wondering, YES, a new blade is used for every client!!! I know there are a lot of people who are wondering as to whether a new blade is used or not, so let me say it now that there is a new blade used per client for hygiene and safety purposes. 

Above is the blade for thick eyebrows and below is the one for thin eyebrows. You can have a say on what you want, although I think it will be better to let Jane assess your brows then make the decision over the blade as this is too technical of a matter for us to meddle in.

And by pen tool, this is what I mean. This is a very thin and tiny blade that I only zoomed into. The pen tool itself is just like any other craft blade pen, but of course it's cute and pink. What is more noteworthy is that Jane really sanitizes this pen incessantly. And to clarify, per client, she brings out a new blade and cleans the pen's body via rubbing alcohol.

And to really bury those fears, aside from the fact that Jane will show you the new blade she is installing onto the pen tool, she has boxes full of disposable blades as you can see here.

So for this procedure, Jane will first assess your brows and discuss your desires and goals from the procedure. After that, she will clean the makeup off of your brows, clean the stray hairs (via shaving), and apply the anesthetic cream. This cream will sit for 30 minutes before the actual eyebrowdery procedure is started. This cream that she uses is from Korea, and as far as the treatment goes, it's only topical anesthesia that is used. There are no injectable anesthetics that are used, as far as Jane's clinic goes. 

While waiting for the anesthetic to take effect, we went on with ink selection! What you see are the swatches of the light brown and brown inks. Jane usually uses the brown one for most of her clients. I opted for the midway between the two shades as I couldn't decide hahaha. Given how pale I am, the brown one may be too dark, but it's such a pretty color that I really wanted it to be included in the mix.

So here are some of her inks. Going clockwise, there's black brown, brown, and light brown. I was sooo amazed when I got there that color mixing is actually possible!!! You can really get a custom shade to your liking given all the possibilities you can have with these three shades alone. Jane actually has a total of 8, but I was interested in the browns alone so she showed me these shades. With 8 shades and the possibility of mixing 2-3 shades as needed, that effectively makes about 512 shade combinations if you will use 3 shades and 64 if you will use two shades. My main fear of getting inked with a shade too dark was dispelled when I got to see all the shades and all the combinations I could make with them. And when I saw that the inks aren't too dark, this also helped banish my worries.

Jane has already shaved off the stray hairs on my brow area. I was born with highly uneven, patchy, and sparse brows, which is why even after her shaping them this is how they look like. 

Jane used a caliper to be able to map out the key points n my brows and mark them as such. She then proceeded to trace the outline that she will be following when doing the eyebrowdery on me. Her general premise is to make the outline relatively thin compared to the usual brow look the client has and to not make the eyebrow too wide nor the arch too high. Her general business belief is that it's better to just add more during the included retouch session rather than do too much on the primary job that it will be so hard to get rid of the eyebrowdery come retouch time. Now that the job is done, I feel relieved that I only feel that the arch is not high enough because it is much easier to add arch height rather than to reduce it.

This is also the approval stage for the client, as the outline will be the general framework for the overall brow job. This is the most important part in the process because I highly feel that the most important aspect in any brow business is the willingness to listen to clients' concerns. I have heard of people who were never consulted after sketching and just had their brows drawn in without them approving it, and that is the scariest thing ever. Jane really does whip out a mirror for the clients to see the preliminary sketch and be able to make comments and revisions over the sketch. It is important to voice out your concerns at this stage as it will crucially affect the output you will get.

And finally, this is how it looks like! After the eyebrowdery was done on me, we waited a 15 minute period to let the ink sit and seep into what it needs to seep into. This is after the excess ink was wiped off with a moistened sheet of tissue. As you can see, this is sooo different from the Pentel pen kinds of tattoos we have seen with our aunts. Up close you can see that instead of one solid mark, the brow is drawn in via many small lines that emulate the appearance of brow hairs. The ones you see that still look like marker lines are not eyebrowdery but most likely eyebrow tattoos, or possibly a treatment using vegetable pigment inks but not using this kind of method per se.

And unlike the scary super dark eyebrows you've seen with other people, since this procedure involves making many small lines, the output already looks natural even fresh out of the procedure. There is no downtime per se as you look presentable the moment you get it done, and there is no swelling or reddening whatsoever so you literally can go about your stuff. You just need to account for the aftercare and to make arrangements to not get your brows wet for a few days. But aside from that, you already will walk out with the actual result.
You will understand how much skills are needed to carry this out because it gets messier and messier as the lines are microbladed in. You need to get a hold of your outlines, and you need to know how to get things right the first time because once it's all ink-ey and messy it will be hard to go back to add lines not unless you let it sit, wipe it off, then re add the lines.

I am sooo happy over my eyebrows!!! I am sooo excited that as far as my no makeup phases go, I will already have eyebrows! I do makeup almost everyday as a blogger and I do see myself still putting makeup over my brows when I want to change the shape or make it look stronger, but it's such a big help when you already look made up the moment you get out of bed. 

I liked how the procedure in general has no downtime. I was able to walk in Robinsons Galleria immediately after the procedure, and the next day I attended a seminar in school. 

As for Fleek, I really like that Jane doesn't have a self-worshipping mindset. She may be the owner and the eyebrow master, but she really takes the time to listen and account for the desires and concerns each client has. This is so important in the advent of many clinics that have exalted owners and key people to near god status. I have heard that in real life, many of the exalted clinic 'superstars' do not actually ask clients of their wishes and just go and do what they think is right. I think this is the reason why many people have been ending up with botched jobs that they even need to go to Fleek in order to get it fixed. Jane admitted that she actually has done a handful of revision works already for people who had botched jobs done by other clinics... Yikess.... 

And of course, I know all of you are interested over pricing and services, so here we go!
Browlift (starts at 8K)- eyebrow stranding for people with relatively good brow hair growth; it will just serve as an enhancement to the already existing hairs. This is a manual job (i.e. using the pen tool I showed in this blog post).
Featherbrows (starts at 10K)- this is eyebrowdery that involves more stranding compared to Browlift; this is for people who have sparse eyebrows or with thick and fine hair strands. This is also done manually. 
BoldBrows (starts at 12K)- This is a combination of manual eyebrow stranding and machine use; it is done for those who are yearning for a full make up look effect

Each treatment includes one primary job and a retouch session 3 weeks later to make adjustments and additions to the eyebrowdery. Retouches done out of the provided retouch session can vary in price depending on the degree of retouch, but usually will cost around half the price of your eyebrowdery fee. 

Please note though that aside from this, prices may differ based on whether you are doing a primary eyebrowdery (i.e. your brows have never been done before), you are looking to strengthen a faded job that's been done a long time ago, or if you are unhappy with the botched job of another place and want to get it done all over again. 

To get a botched job fixed, Jane may either make some minor tweaks or additions, but for unacceptably ugly outputs, she may need to tattoo a nude color over your brows and once this has healed that's the only time she can actually re-do the "tattooing" or eyebrowdery job per se, so that's why prices may differ. 

Jane offers group discounts (as of now it's 20% off groups of 5 or more), but of course, please expect that for services like these, prices may change without prior notice so please inquire first to get the most accurate and up to date pricing. 

I got FeatherBrows for this treatment, so you may look to their social media or ask for more information if you wish to see photos of the other treatments they do:
Phone: 0918 985 2134

I will be back with more updaaaates!!! Seee you all sooooon!!! 

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