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There have been sooo many questions raised to me over my eyebrowdery that I thought that I'd take time to answer them in this blog post!

Where did you get your eyebrows done?
I got it done at Fleek Eyebrow and Beauty Clinic. Check out my blog post right here.

How does it work? 
Eyebrowdery is a service wherein the eyebrow master uses a microblade to make many strokes on the eyebrow area in order to mimic brow hairs. It's not like the pentel pen kind of tattoos we've seen with our aunts and moms. 

What is done in the actual procedure?
In the actual procedure, with my experience, Jane (eyebrow overlord at Fleek) cleaned off my eyebrow makeup, shaved the sparse and stray hairs and shaped my brows, anesthesized them (using topical anesthetic cream only, no injectables), did the measurements and outline for the eyebrow she'll be drawing in, did the actual eyebrowdery (i.e. microblafding), left the ink to sit for 15 minutes, wiped the ink off with a moistened sheet of tissue, and did final retouches. 

How does eyebrow tattoo differ from eyebrowdery?
Eyebrow tattoo usually refers to the henna using tattoos that were done on our aunts. The technology is older, so the final result looks like a pentel pen mark on the face. The henna turns green or purple over time. Eyebrowdery or eyebrow stranding or cashmere brows refers to the newer kind of treatment that allows for manual drawing of individual lines on the brow area in order to mimic brow hairs. 

How long does the procedure last?
The procedure usually lasts anywhere from 1.5-2 hours with Fleek. Other clinics may have other time frames and Jane admitted that she does eyebrowdery slower than industry average because she wants to uphold quality in her work. With my experience at Fleek, eyebrow cleaning and shaving took 10 minutes, anesthesia was left on for 30 minutes to sit in, and the measurements and creation of actual draft and actual stranding/eyebrowdery proper took 45 minutes. The eyebrow ink was left to sit for 15 minutes, cleanup of the mess took 10 minutes, and retouches (i.e adding a few more lines, erasing some smudges) took another 15 minutes.

How long do the eyebrowdery's effects last?
The eyebrowdery lasts for about two years, but some people need retouches at six months or one year. Eyebrowdery uses vegetable pigments and not henna, which is why the lasting period is much shorter. It characterizes just as semi permanent makeup and not as permanent makeup. Some clinics do say that their inks last up until 5 years, so it does differ from case to case. 

This is both the strength and the weakness of the treatment overall. It's the weakness, of course, as you really have to invest in these treatments every few years or so. You will hear stories of aunts getting theirs done cheaper years back and still having the tattoo to this day and it will make you want to get a tattoo yourself. But I say that it's also the strength of this treatment because this means that you need not be so committed to one look. You can have Korean brows this year and Kardashian brows next year. You can have retouches done to make it straighter or archier as the months go by. This is so important given how fast eyebrow trends change. And I also think that it's better to have it fade so soon rather than transform to a forlorn shade of green.

If your face is already sagging you can just have this re done every few years or so to accommodate for your sagging. This is much better than having a permanent henna tattoo that keeps on getting distorted in appearance as your eyebrow sags. So it does come with its benefits. 

Can I choose ink shade?
Yes you can!!! You really have to be happy with the ink shade before it's used on you. For Fleek there's a good selection of browns and they have at least 8 shades. You can mix two or more shades to get a shade that suits your liking. 

Do I have a say in the final result?
Yes, you are supposed to have a final say over everything, whether it be ink selection, brow shape, brow thickness, brow arch, and perhaps even the AC's temperature during your treatment hahaha. Prior to doing the eyebrowdery itself, the artist must show you the draft sketches on your btows (drawn in with just eyebrow pencil) and have you do approvals and revisions if needed. You have the right to ask for a certain shape, arch, or length during this period of time. While the artist will most likely have a better idea of what suits each face shape, as the client you still have the presiding right to express your desires. This is a very important part to take note of as there are many clinics with self worshipping artisans who will not ask for your approval nor your opinion and just go and think what they do is right. I have heard of horror stories of people going into clinics and already having anesthetic put on them without any consultation at all. The next thing they know they have ugly eyebrows they'll hate for the next five years or so. So please demand for your right to approval if you end up in a clinic not as democratic as Fleek. 

Does the procedure hurt? 
There is some pain to some degree, but it's not unbearable. Since the process uses only a topical anesthetic, the drier patches of skin on the eyebrow tend to hurt during the procedure, but the pain is just similar to getting an eyebrow threading done. It's not very daunting. In general, Jane told me that most clients feel pain in the middle part near the arch, and barely any pain near the nose and near the eyebrow tail. It's normal. You can try to do some intense moisturization on your brows on the days leading up to the eyebrowdery day so that the more moist the skin, the less discomfort the procedure will bring. 

How long does the anesthesia last? 
The anesthesia took 30 minutes to set in, and once it set in the pain relief lasted for like two to three hours. I can't say for sure as there came a point that it was tingly-numb and sore at the same time after the procedure, but it took quite some time before the numbness went away. This is waaaay longer than the actual procedure in itself so you needn't worry about the anesthesia suddenly wearing off in the middle of the procedure. If you are very scared of pain, though, eyebrow moisturization will be your best bet. 

Will the ink turn purple or green like my aunt's tattoo did?
No, because this uses a whole new kind of ink with the vegetale dyes. This kind of treatment will have the ink just fade and fade and fade as time elapses, just like eyebrow tint. It will not change color or mutate in the time frame and it will just fade. Jane's inks are from Korea, and so is her anesthetic cream. 

How hygienic is it? What if other clients have AIDS? 
It's hygienic because there is a 1 blade per client policy. Every new client will have a new microblade attachment used on him or her, and no repetition of use is ever done. At Fleek, every client is given a disposable hairnet, the pen tool where the disposable blades are attached are sanitized every use, and Jane uses a new pair of gloves for each client. 

What preparations do I need to do before this?
For the general populace, there's not a lot of preparation. You literally just need to book your appointment and get there. But for more mature clients, you'd need to stop your blood thinners 5 days before the procedure or get a medical certificate from your doctor that you are indeed eligible for the procedure. This treatment also cannot be availed by pregnant and lactating women. 

What aftercare should I do?
Your technician will be the one to give you specific directions as the precautions change from ink brand to ink brand. But by default, you're not supposed to wash your face for 24 hours, and for the week following, for as long as you can, you must apply petroleum jelly (never neosporin) over your eyebrows whenever you are to take a bath or wash your face so as to prevent water. You're not supposed to go swimming or to the sauna for two weeks, not supposed to do workouts for a week or so, and basically avoid everything that can cause the eyebrows to be exposed to saline or chlorinated water. The worst enemies of an eyebrowdery's lasting power are soap and shampoo, so you will need to keep this in mind with whatever you'll do for the week. 

Will I be able to go out after this?
Weeeeell, it depends on the person in question. The treatment itself does not leave any swelling or redness on the skin, and you can still put makeup on your face except the eyebrow area, so you can still generally look made up. Right after the treatment I looked perfectly normal and was even able to buy dinner from Robinsons Galleria. the next day, when the scabs started forming, it did look a little bit funny as there was a slight 3D look to the eyebrowdery. But I went on and went to school anyways. I just matched it with brightly colored makeup so that the eyebrows do not overpower my face. I have gone to all sorts of places even when the scab is still present and I just leave it be. At most, to me, it just looks like as if I had piled on a lot of eyebrow pencil. The eyebrows are nicely shaped, with arch, and of an acceptable thickness anyways, so I have no problems. 

I have had friends though who did not leave the house for three days. I have also had a friend who cut her bangs to accommodate the healing as she had so many events she needed to look extra presentable in. Some people may feel super weirded out by it, but it's a personal preference thing so I can't say for sure how you will exactly feel in the end.

Will my beauty routines get affected by this?
To some point, for a week, yes. For one, you can't do any eyebrow makeup or put any makeup on the brow area for a week. You will appreciate all kinds of makeup that can be pat on because it's the easiest way to control that makeup won't get onto your brows. In order to accommodate my newly done brows, I used Maybelline BB Cushion and patted on my favorite Ben Nye powders with a puff. The puff took some time to get used to as I always use a brush for powder hahaha. 

My makeup routines thus far have been funny. When my mom had a good look at me in the morning, she told me to put makeup on because with just the eyebrows on (and without them lightening yet), I looked like a fool with super defined brows and a pale looking face. It's really true and funny at the same time. So my routine is to pile on a lot of bright blush and lipstick so as to match the intensity of the color of my brows. My current faves are Blake's Pink from L'Oréal's lipsticks and Maybelline's blush contour blush in Wine (as that shade is suuuper pink and bright). I also love the Tony Moly Panda's Dream cheek tints. But I do not put eye makeup as it's going to be tedious to get it all off without smearing remover onto the brows in one way or another. I pile on the color makeup and errthing, but I make sure that the makeup is easy enough to remove with my Maybelline Micellar water. 

For skincare, you're not allowed to use fruity acid and gluta soaps for a week. So if you're in a whitening journey of some sort, you need to keep that in mind. I used my Pond's perfect care facial wash on the area below my brows just so my nose would feel clean. I have been hanging onto Cathy Doll's Aloe Snail Gel and Snail Pink Serum as well as Nella Fantasia's Honey Snail cream. Everything snail is helpful at this point because snail products provide the right kind of moisture without the heaviness other creams come with. 

Does it hurt after?
Right after I got it done, since it was a combo of getting an eyebrowdery and having the anesthetic wear off, my eyebrows felt tingly and sore at the same time. The evening I got home, it was still sore, and was sore whenever I did major movements with my face. But thankfully, it was not an abrupt transition. Like the pain did not exponentially increase after the anesthesia wore off. It only hurt a tiny little bit more. On the second day, it was only sore when I touched it and the soreness was much less in degree, just akin to a small scratch. Day 3 onwards it no longer is sore in any way at all, but it's starting to get itchy as the scabs are about to peel off.  

How much does it cost? 
Services vary from clinic to clinic and I have heard of prices going anywhere from 8K to 35K, depending on the clinic and brow expert. 

For Fleek's prices, here you go:
Browlift (starts at 8K)- eyebrow stranding for people with relatively good brow hair growth; it will just serve as an enhancement to the already existing hairs. This is a manual job (i.e. using the pen tool I showed in this blog post).
Featherbrows (starts at 10K)- this is eyebrowdery that involves more stranding compared to Browlift; this is for people who have sparse eyebrows or with thick and fine hair strands. This is also done manually. 
BoldBrows (starts at 12K)- This is a combination of manual eyebrow stranding and machine use; it is done for those who are yearning for a full make up look effect

Each treatment includes one primary job and a retouch session 3 weeks later to make adjustments and additions to the eyebrowdery. Retouches done out of the provided retouch session can vary in price depending on the degree of retouch, but usually will cost around half the price of your eyebrowdery fee. 

Please note though that aside from this, prices may differ based on whether you are doing a primary eyebrowdery (i.e. your brows have never been done before), you are looking to strengthen a faded job that's been done a long time ago, or if you are unhappy with the botched job of another place and want to get it done all over again. 

To get a botched job fixed, Jane may either make some minor tweaks or additions, but for unacceptably ugly outputs, she may need to tattoo a nude color over your brows and once this has healed that's the only time she can actually re-do the "tattooing" or eyebrowdery job per se, so that's why prices may differ. 

Jane offers group discounts (as of now it's 20% off groups of 5 or more), but of course, please expect that for services like these, prices may change without prior notice so please inquire first to get the most accurate and up to date pricing. 

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