All hail our queen!!! Yaaaaas my queeeen!!! I cannot tell you all my feels about Liza being the newest Maybelline girl. You may have known in my blogging of our past encounters that she is just soooo beautiful inside and out. She really is a class act!!!

So to celebrate the arrival and to welcome the new Maybelline girl, the Maybelline team invited members of the media, press, and bloggers to come together at the Green Sun to witness this grand moment in history. They also took the time to unveil their latest product innovations for this month. 

The Axon of the Green Sun was turned into a Pink New York!!! There were decorations like these plastered on the doors.

And the ramp entering the venue was turned from a mere ramp to a mini Manhattan bridge!!! 

So for the product innovations, here we go! 

First off, they now have their Creamy Brown Matte Nudes. We are of course familiar with their Creamy Mattes line and already have an idea that there are browns in the collection. This time, they fortified the collection by adding five more brown nudes and brown shades. It's really time to relive the 90's! 

On the top row are the mystery brand shades and below are the Maybelline ones. They may be identical in hue, but in real life you can tell that Maybelline glides on smoother, is more emollient, and you can then infer that it will lessen chapping on the lips.

They even had a balloon dart game!!! There were GC's stuffed inside the balloons!!! I got a frozen Yoghurt GC so excited ahihhi

The casette tapes are supposed to make you reminiscent of the 90's and perhaps Toni Braxton and her gradation brown lip as well. These are the new shades and I'm so happy they are here. Kat (Maybelline's Lip Product Manager) explained that they really had to lobby hard to the big bosses of L'Oréal to bring this to life. I'm glad their lobbying worked and I'm sure their efforts will pay off as these will surely be big hits everywhere!!! 

On the other hand, their Clear Smooth All In one powder currently has a trade gimmick! Trade up your powder up now for as low as Php169!!! Ask your Maybelline lady for details :)

And weeee they made it sooo much easier for the bloggers with their flatlay station!!!

One big announcement is that they revamped the packaging and made it so sleek for the modern Filipina!!! This still has the same qualities that we love (being lightweight, natural looking and fresh), made even better. It's now 2x lightweight in order to have people look and feel naturally beautiful!

   And who will not feel pretty when the packaging is this pretty?!

Here are Stephanie and Stacy having their powder done! I like how they look so cool and full of swag even if someone is just applying powder on them hahahahaha

For the brows, they are also pleased to announce the release of their Fashion Brow Duo Shaper. These are the pencils with brown caps you see on this photo. They basically turned their highly acclaimed Fashion Brow palette into another format. They now come in pencil form! Pencil on one side, brow powder on the other side. This is a great addition to the Fashion Brow family.

The makeup ladies also patiently did everybody's eyebrows. They have saved many girls from despair today so let us give them a warm round of cyber applause...

Host Justin Quirino is very excited to be meeting everybody today! He has a really beautiful voice I swear. I looked at his IG and found out that he's the Paolo from the Metrobank ad, which is why he looked and sounded so familiar during the event. I have a feeling he thought twice about hosting a makeup event, but like the moment he found out Liza was gonna be involved, he was probably onboard in no time hahahaha 

To start the program, they did show the Make It Happen keynote video. After the video, there was a short fashion show featuring the makeup trends by Maybelline and clothes by Zalora.

After a grand entrance in a motorcycle (check it out on my vlog), Liza is finally onstage!!! She had the whole surprised vibe in her the whole time, like she couldn't believe that from a Maybelline buyer she was now the Maybelline endorser. You can feel her emotions, even with just how she stared at the crowd. I think deep inside she was like "That escalated quickly" in a good way.

She takes the time to explain her concept of Make It Happen and takes time to greet and thank her fans who were also present in the event.

So many people took her photo!!! 

She also took her time to gamely reply to each and every interviewer. She entertained like more than 10 publications today with a solo time for each. Today is a very big day in her career and you can tell that she is overwhelmed but at the same time delighted of the situation. You can also tell how grateful she is with how giddy she is to see each publication. 

And wahhh, I'm still kilig until now that she signed an autograph for me! The last time I met her I didn't think of doing this. Then while cleaning up a shelf I realized that I actually had a Liza notebook! So I made sure that by hook or by crook that it'd get signed today!!! 
A photo posted by M. Perez (@marileneperez_) on
A photo posted by M. Perez (@marileneperez_) on

So yaaaaay, till the next event!!!! 

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