It's my second time to meet the queen!!! Everybody was so excited to attend Liza Soberano's Pretty In White Panty for Carefree last July 2 at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura. As for why this is appearing only now on the blog is because I got soooo busy over a secret project! I was able to upload my event vlog like three days after the event, but this blog post got stuck in the backlogs because of my secret project. 

Liza, like any other teen star, has a bajillion doting fans, myself included!!! I was soooo excited to be here because I love LizQuen so much. While ABS has many great love teams, it's LizQuen that really gives the kilig to the bone feeling. Event doors opened at like 2:30PM but the fans were already here at noon, some even earlier!!!

And weeee count me in the Tatak LizQuen fanclub!!! I know I might get flak for saying this, but amongst the hottest teen stars of today, Liza has arguably the most well mannered and decent fans. They were all in queue, were screaming in kilig but did not hound Liza when she was there, and as far as today goes, no one has stolen my photos of her yet (when I say steal I have experienced the fans of a popular celeb cropping and blurring out all the watermarks of my photos of the celeb then plastering their own fan club's watermarks). I feel so happy about being a LizQuen fan.

Before the main program started, they had a lot of gimmicks to keep everyone entertained. There were food and beverage booths, Carefree freebies being given out, and a DJ to keep everyone sane (sane because a lot of the folks who are here are dedicated Liza fans who come from the province and have been awake since the wee hours of the morning).

They had a panty decoration booth to keep everyone's creative juices flowing. 

And there was also a groufie station set up so that everyone looks like they're in a fun slumber party in their photos.

You can tell how excited everyone was, and how jam packed the venue was! Everybody is so excited to see Liza.

To kick off the program, the G Force girls had an opening dance number. 

Today's host is so excited for what is yet to come. 

And they had a panty fashion show. The panties had a mix of influencers and consumers designing them.

If you're wondering why is there such as fashion show as this, it's because Carefree knows the struggle of many girls with white panties. In a world of pee stains, the usual discharges, and sweat, the prettiest white panties can get easily ruined. Girls end up shying away from pretty white panties (or the pretty pastel and light colored ones for that matter) because it's icky and embarrassing to be dealing with underwear stains. Carefree wants girls to know that with Carefree, they can avert underwear stains and be their most confident and pretty selves.

And finally, the queen is here!!! She is so pretty forever and ever. The crowd wasn't that noisy when she came out, but it's not the kind of bored kind of quiet. The cheers were still very loud. More of like you could see everybody's jaws drop in awe as they watch her make her entrance. I mean how will you not be in awe in the presence of such a goddess?

Liza is happily announcing the winners of the Carefree panty design contest, and is looking forward to meet them (their prize as panty design winners is to meet Liza for a photo op) 

You can see how overwhelmed one of the winners is to finally be with Liza!!! I think even if this is in sideview you can see how wide her smile is.

Liza's message to everyone is that she personally understands the struggle most girls face. You can have the prettiest clothes and makeup, but if you're not feeling fresh down there, your confidence is not at 100%. She reiterated the importance of maintaining good hygiene and developing the habit of using pantyliners, which of course should be Carefree *wink wink* (I personally understand everything she said because I have been on Carefree for like 5-6 years now and have stayed with Carefree because it's the brand that absorbs the most, stays in place the longest, and has the most desirable fragrances and pricing schemes)

After this she has her meet and greet session with members of the press, media, and the winners of her panty design contest. Her handler (presumably, and she's the one in red) is so happy for her.

She had to leave after the meet and greet because of a special mission! This is how the venue looks like after the event. 

And in case you were wondering, right after this event, Liza snuck to Shangri-la to surprise a bride on her big day! The bride (Tiffany) had gotten Liza's makeup artist (who else but the makeup god Mickey See) to do her makeup. Not sure as to whether she got Mickey because of Liza, or had intimated to Mickey how much she loved Liza, but the bottomline is Mickey knew how much Tiffany loves Liza. And so he got Liza to make a surprise appearance at her wedding party!  

If Liza surprised me at my wedding I'd be like this too wahahahaha. 

And kids, this is the reason why you need Carefree. If you need to be pretty at 4 for your fans and need to make someone's wedding dreams come true at 8, you better be fresh down there all day! 

Till the next event! Mwah mwah.