Weee!!! So happy to share the information that as of today, you can still grab Skin White samples over at Sample Room!

First off is the new Skin White Light lotion (few samples left! Hurry!). As I mentioned in the video, it's Skin White that got me into the lotion habit so I have a good working idea on how the original product behaves. It's my first time to try this light version and am very pleased because it really is super lightweight. It behaves a lot like Aloe Vera Gel or whatever body gel you could think of, so it's got a much lighter consistency. It applies fast and dries fast as well. It also absorbs very quickly, though I don't think I will want to copy the TVC and have people blast dried leaves on me with this product on hahaha. Since it behaves a lot like a gel, it also has some sort of cooling effect while drying. As for me, though, it's the irresistible baby fresh fragrance that will keep me hoarding this product in the days to come. 

And this is of course the original Skin White. I am so sorry I will never be able to say whether this whitens or not as I'm too pale and nothing topical works anymore. However, what I can talk about more is the fact that it's SPF 20 so I think that this will be a good choice for those who want to have sun protection for the body throughout the day. I have honestly not cared about the SPF and have used this with much enjoyment even in the evenings. I have used up a lot of this not because I was after the whitening but because I was after the powdery papaya fragrance the older versions had. This one still smells like papaya, although it's the Light lotion which has the powdery traces now. This is a little bit thicker than the usual lotion, but still far away from the consistency of a cream. You can kind of imagine this as sunscreen, but more mousse-ey in texture.

Last but not the least of course is the Skin White Advanced PowerWhitening Face Cream Powder! This is sooooo fragrant!!! This smells a lot like the blossom fresh fragrances baby brands churn out nowadays. I see this a lot as a primer given that it is SPF12 and gives the skin a powdery, poreless finish. I am very happy about the performance of this over its competitors as it doesn't have a patchy application finish. I will be honest that I am not comfy with this product category as I'd much rather skincare brands churn out their own powders and creams instead of making hybrids. But this has somehow eased my worries as this is a less chalky and patchy one. It felt really cohesive (the powder and the cream part) and was not difficult to blend in. And the fragrance is just 10000000% good!!!

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