The peeps behind Zenutrients are so excited to finally be able to show us Zenutrients' full brand re-launch! They revamped the total packaging design, from the main logo to the individual pack design, eying a more sophisticated look, but still staying true to the core green-ness of the brand. They also upgraded some key formulations, notably all shampoos, lotions and creams; the new labels will reflect the new ingredients.

 Lastly, to create brand harmony, they have collapsed in key best-selling products from the premium line Z, into Zenutrients. The Argan range (hair, skin and body), some repellants and massage oils have been added into the main Zenutrients line as well.

Nature does nothing without purpose – that’s what they believe in at Zenutrients. With over 8 years of experience in creating organic beauty products, they now have hundreds of product choices and are available in over 30 outlets nationwide. The brand is also carried by retailers Sesou and Echostore, and are available online through and