Hoooraaayyy, planner season is upon us!!! Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf proudly unveiled the designs of their planners this year. Their planners are more than just planners, they're called The Giving Journals for a reason. Every year, CBTL has a main beneficiary whom the proceeds of the planners' sale will go to. This year's main beneficiary is the Real Life Foundation, a social advocacy that aims to change lives through education.  

To give a brief profile as to what kind of foundation will benefit from your coffee addiction this year, the Real Life Foundation is a Christian non-profit NGO. It aims to provide better futures for underprivileged Filipinos through educational assistance and character development. The scholars under their program are not only sent to school (through monetary support), but are also coached in the areas of L.I.F.E. (Leadership, Integrity, Faith, Excellence) 

Just to get you excited, here are the planners for this year! I am sure you are already eyeing the pink one 0.0000001 seconds after seeing this photo hahahaha.

Each planner contains a special icon embossed on the front cover.
 The pink one has the Radiating Heart icon meant to symbolize the power to spread goodwill and kindness to others.
 The turquoise one has the Coffee Tree Cup icon meant to symbolize CBTL's hope that through their efforts alongside their partners, they would help to nurture growth and provide a better life for others.
 The purple one has the Overflows icon, meant to symbolize the need to identify one's life as a cup ready to overflow instead of looking at it as a cup that's half empty or half full.
 The gray/black one has the Caring Cup Global icon, symbolizing CBTL's commitment to give back to farmers and the community who supply CBTL with simply the best products.


To get everybody hyped up, they had The Giving Town set up in The Gallery, Greenbelt 5. This was in a busy part of the mall so it was near impossible to get a photo of the set up without having people walk about the area hahaha

They had a big display of the planners that guests could sit on or stand beside for a cute effect.

Today's emcee is very ecstatic about everything because this is a very festive occasion. The planner is only one thing, but it is really a lot more about the giving. The theme of The Giving Journal is "The Cup That Changes Life." It's not just about completing those 12 stamps to get your planner. It's enjoying your drinks and your own planner and helping young scholars graduate all at the same time.

One of the key management staff of CBTL came to give a word about this edition of the Journal. This is the 9th edition of the journal, and as such they are very excited about this coming year and of course the years to come. There are many foundations that can really make good use of the funds a brand like CBTL can raise in a single planner season, so I personally hope that they continue this for many more years.

There were many mini activities for us! We had a cup design contest, word descrambling contest, and calligraphy and stationery design booths to help us with our artistic tendencies.

They had a Habitat For Humanity Youth song segment by Shina Tan, which delighted the crowd. She has good potential and a good voice, so I personally think that if pro's can coach her and get rid of her bad singing habits, she can be a star.

They also had Joey Rosel, resource development manager of Habitat For Humanity, come to give a talk on their advocacies and how they are able to make a change in people's lives. They have plenty of beneficiaries who are too indigent that they have no idea about how plenty of common household items work. He has had residents drink mouthwash, thinking it was juice. They are working hard to give these people dignified lives.

Since this is The Giving Journal's launch in The Giving Town, there were plenty of foundations and social enterprises who had set up booths. This is the Make A Wish foundation.

This is the Resources for the Blind foundation. 

They were giving out free bookmarks with our names written in braille. Witnessing this lady write down my nickname in braille made me see how empowering it is. She does people's names in less than 10 seconds, and by estimation, can write paragraphs in minutes with no effort at all.  She doesn't even think about it anymore, she can quickly punch things and get the name done.

This was an unmanned booth (at the time I was there) by Creative Chaos. Not sure if they're a social enterprise or mom and pop craft shop.

Kythe also had a booth. Apparently, Kythe comes from a Scottish word that means 'to manifest.' I thought the whole time that it was a stylized spelling of kite! They are into holistic family assistance for kids with cancer, and stand by the P.E.T.A.L.S. method (Play, Educate and prepare children, Tend to emotional needs of child and family, Assist during medical procedures, Lend medical assistance, Support medical involvement).

This was the booth of Virlanie Foundation which has street children as its main focus.

Hope in a bottle was also there with this giant teddy bear. 
On a side note, it was so nice to see CARA's Community Cat program in action! I care very heavily about animal welfare so this is one social activity that I really liked. My own cat is a CARA beneficiary, having received a charity rate spay (I paid Php900 puspin spay rate instead of the usual Php4000 for her body weight) from their spay-neuter program, so I feel the need to donate to this, too.

May the season of giving (planners) be upon us! 

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