Yaaaaay, I finally got down to trying out a unique and interesting K-Beauty product! This is Leaders' 2-Step V-Line mask and these kinds of mask sheets have been all the rage in Korea as of late. It's an affordable, quick fix for when you want to look like you lost a few pounds for a special day. 

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So this is me wearing Leaders' hydrogel jaw mask. This is a hydrogel patch shaped in such a way that you hang it up your ears. The packaging says 20 minutes but Koreans wear it the whole time till they start doing their makeup. This is a harmless device that you can leave on even for a few hours. 

In every sachet of the mask sheet are two pieces of masks. One is a moist mask sheet to be placed on the upper half of the face. That't step 1.The sachet of the mask sheet has a delineation in the middle so this is the only moist item in the whole sachet.

The other chamber contains the hydrogel jaw mask for step 2. The jaw mask has a hydrogel surface on one side and a cottony soft surface on the other side. I really liked that feature because it means that your hair will not stick all over the place to the mask sheet. You can go about your activities and errands because you will not be bothered by the mask sheet.

The moist mask has a verryyyyyy fragraaaant floral powdery fragrance. Think of the light beautiful fragrances Etude House does and put it into a mask sheet. It's thaaaat good. I forgot to say it in the vlog but that's one thing I super loved about this half. I sat down with this for an hour instead of 20 minutes partly because this smelled so good it was like an aromatherapy session for me whilst doing other chores. 

For those who are wondering, this is how it looks like midway through application. It's like this long contraption with holes on the sides so you can hang the thing up your ears. The holes are big enough and the mask sheet is elastic enough that your ears ideally shouldn't get swollen or sore or worn out from the tension. I thought it'd hurt my ears to hang the mask up for so long, but after removal, my ears were OK. Don't be scared of which side is which because the hydrogel side has a cellophane cover to it. And you will already know from this blog post that your skin should be facing the hydrogel side and your hair should be facing the cottony soft side.

The mask sheet itself is much more uneventful than people think. It's not tight or restricting, it's more of snug. It's a lot less scandalous, I swear hahaha. I never felt like not being able to open my mouth or not doing my usual facial expressions while having this on. I could eat and drink as normal. It's really just like having something snug on. It doesn't feel sticky whatsoever because of the cottony side.

I also could speak properly. My speech was not slurred in any way because of this. It's not thaaat constricting enough to restrict speech. For the most part I was slurred in my vlog because of my retainers hahaha.

Contrary to rumours, this is neutral, and doesn't come with a cooling or heating effect. It isn't wet, so the cottony side stays cottony and not damp during usage. The hydrogel side is just a bit moist, without a fragrance. It smells like hydrogel. You may have heard of hydrogel masks by now that are moist and drenched in essence but this is not it.

After an hour, my jaw is more symmetrical. On a normal day, my right side is really puffier than the left. My skull is really uneven (I found out after being in a car crash and having a cranial Xray done for prophylaxis). However, the mask sheet has helped to compress and firm up my right cheek so as to make it more symmetrical with my left side. I wore this for an hour, and Koreans wear these things for 2-3 hours or even longer, so keep that in mind when you envision your results with this mask.

I know many are wondering about the results so I'll talk about it. This is a quick fix but it's not permanent. You will go back to your former self in a day or a few days or so, and you will probably be only able to maintain the effects if you wear things like these almost everyday. 

It's not a weakness of the brand or product per se, but it really is just the nature of these kinds of masks. You can buy from any of Leaders' competitors (though I don't know if any of those competitors sell stuff here now) and it will still not be permanent. No company makes results that are permanent. And it's not a bad thing per se because the intention of manufacturing these products is to provide a quick, safe, and easy fix for those who want a more defined V-line for special shoots or occasions. 

You can simply wear this when you have a party to attend, or are having an ID/passport/visa/glam shoot. You can then take advantage of the firmness of your jaw for that time period and pretend that you lost a few pounds even when all you did was wear this mask. And when it wears off, it doesn't hurt because this is only Php248 a pop and doesn't involve the pain, suffering, and inconvenience real jaw shaving surgery would bring. 

Jaw surgery in Korea is more or less at Php500,000 and the patient will undergo weeks, if not months, of oral and head pains, discomfort, lack of diet choices (you will barely be able to chew), and the results are not 100% guaranteed (despite what many clinics would like to advertise). Nerve damage can occur, the jaw can be more uneven than it was before, and there is the risk of a jaw that is weaker and more prone to breakage (i.e. if you get punched your jaw is more likely to get damaged compared to if it's not shaven or altered). 

With this mask, you can keep the Php499,752 in your pocket and not go through months of pain and inconvenience. Pop it on, enjoy your night, and that's it. Don't be sad that it's (it=your instantly smaller jaw) over, be glad that it happened. 

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