For the longest time, I am sure you, like any other citizen, thought that Liese was in Watsons from the start. Even I thought so, too! But apparently, that's not the case. It's only now that they are officially making their debut in the beauty retailer's shelves. 

I reaaally thought that it was in Watsons, because as you may or may not know, I have been a fan of the brand since waaaay back. I got most of my Liese dyes abroad from Watsons outlets in HK and Taiwan. So in my mind, it'd also be in Watsons. But now, my thought process can go on smoothly as they are now in Watsons! 

In order to get the good news out, they held an event (where else?) in the blank space at Watsons SM Makati. 

So this is the poster of Liese's colors. As of now, the news for this event is the fact that they are in Watsons. So far, from the last time I spoke about the brand on the blog, there are still 6 shades, though there are talks of bringing in more shades leaning towards the ashy side next year. But till a formal revelation is done, this is the collection for now.

And yaaay these are the event ladies. They're so funny because as I was taking photos of the venue, they were borderline photobombing with all their posing and errthing. So I told them that if they wanted a photo, all they needed to do was ask hahahaha... So here are the lovely Liese ladies. 

I think in all the Watsons stores they'd more or less be doing this bubble pillow promotion. This pillow is soooo cute and happens to also be very firm and high quality, so if you see this pillow in a promotion, I highly urge you to get this! My pillows from June's event are still fluffy and cute till now. They're useful as neck assist pillows whether at home or in the car.

As usual, it was very sweet of them to provide snacks and refreshments. Liese always gets good food providers if I may say...

So this aerial shot perhaps is the next best testament to taking photos of the dye boxes on Watsons' shelves. This is the very popular center area of SM Makati's beauty section where a lot of events I've attended have been held in.

Today's MC is Nina Ricci Alagao. She is soooo pretty in real life. There is really a reason why she's BB. Pilipinas 2000. She's very poised! 

She is sporting Liese's Chestnut Brown. She is a newcomer to the brand, so she wanted to see how the lighter shades worked on other models first because she wanted a good idea of how light and bright the hair gets after using the lighter shades. I personally like the lighter shades of Liese, but her choice ain't bad either because it's easier to maintain. Like it makes you look younger but doesn't take a lot of maintenance to do. Since Liese is generally cheap and easy to use, it's something sustainable for most people her age (I say "her age" because I am at the age group where we still want to achieve all the colors of rainbows and unicorns on our heads).  

To keep everyone entertained before and during the event, they set up booths where we could decorate the mirrors, combs, and polaroids we got. There were sooo many crystals everyone went crazy studding all their items hahahahaha

Marketing executives from Liese took some time to explain how the products work. It's only been in the Philippines since June, so there is still a lot of consumer education to be done. Liese is a bubble type hair color, meaning that it's like a foaming facial wash. It is of such consistency so that it's easy to prepare and the tiny bubbles can easily seep into every single hair strand to coat it with color.

It is different from cream type hair colors that often require sectioning and planning. You literally prepare this mixture, squeeze the foam out, apply it all over, and not give a care for the next half hour or so. Just be sure to stay somewhere air conditioned so as not to melt off the foam. This is beneficial in the sense that this provides even results everytime and doesn't require so much technical work.

Since this is foam, there is relatively quite a lot of product in each box, and two girls with short hair (bob/pixie cut) can use one box. However, since this is foam, the chemicals can only work for one sitting, and one cannot store unused product. One also cannot just mix half the amount for one application because the foam's chemical ratios work differently. But there reaaally is a lot of product so if you are hesitant about the fact that it can't be stored, try to find a hair color twin and it will actually be more economical at like Php200-ish a time if two people will use it.

One of the other highlights in the event was the segment of Dane Ciruela, noted hairstylist and colorist.

If I remember correctly, she used Rose Tea Brown on her model. As you can see from the LED screen behind them all, her model came from light hair and a crazily long and conspicuous regrowth, but after Liese, it's as if the regrowth never happened and the color is even. Her hair is also shiny and visibly manageable as Liese generally is very kind to the hair.

This is not a staged demo as I have personally used the product so many times and indeed, it is very good in evening dyed hair and black regrowth. My hair never looks weird after a dye job. At the same time, my hair also feel soft after each dye job thanks to the Essential conditioner each box comes with. And thanks also to the formula in general because it is kind to the hair in general. Like even after I use up the Essential deep conditioner and go back to my own shampoo and conditioner routine, my hair is still soft and manageable.

Buuuut more importantly, this is the list of Watsons stores where you can find Liese in now! Here you go and happy shopping:
SM Dept Store Makati
SM Dept Store Fairview
SM Dept Store Bicutan
Robinson Galleria
Robinson Place Manila
SM Dept Store Sucat
Market Market
Center Pasig Frontera
Marquee Mall
North ESM Dept Store
SM Aura Premiere
Starmall Alabang
SM Dept Store Cubao
Fairview Mall
SM Dept Store Manila
SM Dept Store Southmall
Bicutan Mall
Sta. Lucia
San Lazaro
Mall of Asia

SM Taytay
San Mateo

SM Dept Store Baguio
Clark Mall
Tarlac SM Dept Store
Marquee Mall
SM Dept Store Cauyan
Robinson Place malolos
SM Dept Store Pampanga
Clark Mall
SM Dept Store Cabanatuan
Watson Downtown San Fernando Mall

SM Dept Store Bacoor
SM Dept Store Batangas
SM Dept Store Sta Rosa Laguna
Mall Sta. Rosa 1
SM Dept Store Lipa
Lipa Mall
Waltermart Trese Martires
SM Dept Store Trece Martires
Robinson Place Gen.Trias
Batangas Mall
SM Dept Store Rosario Cavite

Lim Ket Kai Mall – CDO
Rositas Cebu
Lanang Premiere
Robinson Iloilo
Seaside Cebu 1
Gen San
Bohol Quality Mall
Robinson Place Antique
Ayala Center Cebu
Bacolod Mall

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