In yet another installment in Sooper Beaute month, this is my review of their Lip and Cheek Therapy! This may be called 'therapy' but it is actually a liquid lipstick. And lo and behold, it actually has a very competitive formula! A lot like Kylie's liquid lipsticks. It's surprisingly thaaat good. 

So before I begin, let's get it all done (say whaaaat?) 
Color Payoff and Pigmentation: This is a very creamy formula that goes on very vividly and opaquely. Not a single dull moment with these shades because of how opaque it is. The tubes are transparent so you really get what you see. Every shade is fun to try because the colors are so alive. 

Texture: This has a whipped, creamy formula. It's not like a lot of the runny liquid lipsticks in the market today like those of Kylie or Colourpop or Lime Crime. This behaves a lot like NYX's Soft Matte Lip Creams. Appearance wise this is 100% matte once dry, no question about that. This dries relatively fast, and I really like that property of this product because it's so annoying when I have to consciously wait for the product to dry.

Longevity: Surprisingly, this lasts comparably as well as Kylie's liquid lipsticks do (though Kylie lasts longer). Like with the proper lip liner and care, this can last almost the whole day assuming one isn't going to eat oily foods. This is not as kiss proof as its other liquid lipstick counterparts but when it does dry it generally doesn't move nor transfer much. 

Comfort: This is also surprisingly very comfortable for a liquid lipstick this matte. I was thinking that since it's soooo matte and drop dead gorgeous, it must be sooooper uncomfortable. But to my delight, it doesn't feel like cement or like a clay mask. It doesn't tighten as it dries further or like as time goes by. It generally feels nourishing, it's like just having a matte lipstick on. It's a little bit sticky, which may annoy some, but it generally is much better than many other brands when it comes to comfort. 

Value for Money: This retails for Php380 a pop for a 10mL tube. I am having a hard time discerning if this is a steal or not because my Kylie and Colourpop lippies are claiming to be 3.25mL despite having much larger tubes. I have no idea how this can be 10mL and Colourpop be 3.25mL? So till then I have no basis when it comes to amount. But when it comes to quality, while this may not be the craziest and most hyped liquid lipstick out there, if you want something that acts near to Kylie without the discomfort of Colourpop, this is an OK choice. 

I don't have all the shades, but these three that I have are already enough to keep me entertained mehehehehehe....

No need to describe this. The item speaks for itself. This is your shocking red with a tiny bluish touch. Just a little because too much bluish undertones tend to not look good on Pinays. 

This is a bright rose shade, and I say bright because it is sooo vivid that it can't be called dusty rose. I wouldn't call this mauve as this really is more of a pink and doesn't come with a lot of brownish hues, if at all. 

This is mostly a nude brown shade which doesn't bring so much undertones with it. This is mostly a neutral brown though its warm hints make me think twice that it might be ochre or sienna. 

And as a summary, here you goooo!!! 

I have many other Sooper products (I still have lip tints and a contour kit and a blur cream) and I hope I get to give some feedback on them in the future. I wish I can say when but given the craziness of my schedule I'm not sure that's possible ahuhuhuhu. So till then, this is it for Sooper Beaute month (?)

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