I think I am informally naming November as Sooper Beaute month here on the blog! They've sent over so much stuff over the past few months (and I'm sooooper thankful for them!), but well since I am only a mere mortal I can only produce so much content at a time. This is one of the reviews that got stuck in the backlogs! So yaaaaay, Imma do a review over one of their best selling flagship products. You may have seen this on IG already given how soooo many bloggers and celebs are talking about this, and how Sofia Andres just looks soooo gorgeous in every single shade! 

I got four shades for this review, mostly consisting of the most hyped up and frequently-sold-out shades. I actually just don't have Hydra, but this is actually almost the whole collection! 

So these are Norma, Draco, Tucana and Andromeda. 

To get it out of the way, here's my feedback: 
Shade Selection: Every single shade I've gotten from them is the exact shade that a Pinay would buy or seek for herself. The tones are very, very morena friendly. "No morena is out of place in this collection" would be an understatement. I feel like the colors they do per se are already common, but what's special is that they have the attention to detail to make the undertone or hue truly suited for Pinay skintones. 

Color Payoff and Pigmentation: This is very matte and opaque, but it takes time. This has a dominant beeswax formulation that makes it stiff to rub, so don't hesitate to exert a bit more effort or pressure. Once it's actually on, the colors are vivid and true to tube. 

Texture: Weeeell, this is the stiffest lipstick I've ever owned. Like I can really ruuuuuuub this on me and not break the stick. It's thaaaat firm. This is the kind of lipstick that you need not worry when sending to loved ones from afar because it's too firm to break in transit. 

 And oh yeah, this is one of the truly matte lipsticks I own. It's on liquid lipstick level when it comes to matte-ness, something I haven't seen in other lipsticks yet. But of course, when it comes to matte lipsticks, it also means making the formula more and more devoid of oils. This formula is not the kind that glides left and right when applied-- it stays put and doesn't move. The formula is also so matte that you may/will need to shave off of the lipstick every so often because the top part can get so dry in storage that it refuses to apply anymore. Like no matter how much you rub no product will apply, until you shave the dried layer off. 

Longevity: This behaves a lot like liquid lipstick and lasts fairly well. It fares well against food and beverages. It's also doesn't leave kiss marks once applied so I think it's good. It's generally so stiff that the formulation is virtually transfer proof. Like you can drink off a mug and you wouldn't leave a trace.

Comfort: Surprisingly, this doesn't come with the dry, flaky discomfort we feel with liquid lipsticks. Despite it behaving a lot like one texture-wise. You will feel how transfer proof it is when you try to smack and everything, and it might remind you of liquid lipsticks. But if you leave it alone it will not tighten in feel, and the nourishing beeswax and grape oil in this will help to nourish the lips. Lips will feel softer somehow after this wears off. 

Value for Money: This retails at Php430 a pop. At face value I find the price point a bit high given that many drugstore and high street brands of similar equity are priced lower. However, when one puts into consideration the beeswax and oils used, the support for local enterprises, and the aptness of the shades for Pinay skintones, it doesn't so bad already. 

These lipsticks are a bit slim compared to most lipsticks of today, and not all of them come in even sizes and uniform shapes. But that's okay since I understand that this is a local enterprise. 

So yaaaay, let's talk about the shades! 

This is the lightest shade in this bunch, but it comes with a distinctively orange twist. Take this as a very very milky clay shade with just a tiny tiny touch of brown. Or like think of it as a milky red orange with a tiny little nude color. 

This is a milky color, too, but it's more intense than Norma. This has more brown into the mix and is less milky. This is an even more matte edition of MNY's Clay Crush, but this is lighter by a little bit. This is a universally flattering shade if you ask me, more universal than Norma.   

This is undoubtedly the most popular shade in the whooole collection and it's always talked about, always out of stock, always hyped over. This year has been all about mauves, so it was no wonder that this would fly off the shelves. I think it also helps that this is a pinker and less brown version of MNY Touch of Spice which has been on everyone's mind this year. This is also a universally flattering shade, but is especially morena friendly. 

Every reputable lipstick brand needs a vampy color and this is basically it. This is sooo much more plummy in real life, but it's a limitation of photography that I always apologize for. This is their intense reddish brown entry in the market. 

To summarize everything, here you go! I personally love Tucana the most, but the other shades are also very pretty and universally flattering. 

So yaaaay, till my next sooooooper long review!!!! 

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