To say that I hoarded is an understatement. I went crazy when Althea launched A'Pieu's Rilakkuma collection and sold everything at reasonabele prices!!! I was so thankful I did all my hoarding in Althea because when I was in Korea, despite the collection still in sync, the A'Pieu in Myeongdong is not on the main road so it's very easy to forget it. Like by the time you get to the A'Pieu store it's already closing or near closing coz you got distracted shopping at all the other stores on the main street. These items are also delicate in nature with the eyeshadows and the facial wash tubes, so I am glad I was not tasked with having to wrap them and pack them into a suitcase. 

Soooo I am so sorry to say that most of the items in this collection are already sold out on Althea. Instead of linking each item I'm going to put the search result URL here so you can see at a glance which one has sold out and which one hasn't:

Sooo this is how it looks like. I found it funny to be receiving a Mamonde mask for a box wherein all my purchases were A'Pieu items hahaha. Buutt I am so happy it's rose! I have no idea what purchases warrant for freebies or how much one needs to purchase to get a freebie, so I guess this is something they randomly roll out?

Yaaaay thank you for the rose mask! On the flipside this will go perfectly with my Mamonde rose water gel, facial foam, and toner from previous Althea transactions. It'll also go well with the Mamonde cream I got from Korea.

Right after I lift the mask sheet this whole sea of yellow happiness greets me.  I was so excited about this collection that I only made this transaction for this! It's soooo cute to see them all in real life.

Sooo I got myself the cleansing foams from this collection. Suuuper cute tubes!!! 

I also got myself two cushion blushes. I like how each shade has a different design, so while I will still look at the bottom to see the shade, it's aesthetically pleasing to see more than one design. 
How can I not love the spongesssss?!!! Too cute for my life!!!!  It's like I reallly want to buy regular undesigned cushion sponges because these are too cute to use...
This is how it looks like. I am new to the A'Pieu color system so I got myself basic items. This is CR01.

And I also got myself PK01. I love myself a good coral pink so I am so excited to use both of them together.

I also got myself the BB cushion! At Php720 it was suchhh a steaaaal because this already comes with the pretty Rilakkuma casing, a cartridge inside with the cute sponge, and a refill cartridge and sponge waiting. Total steal. On a normal day I think that'd just be the primary cushion without a refill and it'd be a normal design. 

Aaaand I couldn't help myself I just had to have each shaaaade. They look so cute when they're just sitting beside each other. This makes for quite a confusing eyeshadow drawer hunt in the future as they all look identical and do not have transparent windows, but huhu so cuuuute 

This is how shades 1-4 look like side by side!!! I am sooo happy over the shades that I had to buy them all. They're the perfect mixes of mattes, corals, browns, and bronzes. I have been suuuper into these warmer tones as of late so this will make for many exciting looks. These are alll steals at Php490 per quad given the shade selection! These will all be super useful.  

Too bad though that the Rilakkuma drawings are only on the acetate covers. They're not 

Sooo when they came they all had numbers, but I now realize that on the website they're actually if I'm not mistaken..
1-How To Some
2-Sensuous Coral
3-Call My Name
4-Good After Brown

This is how shades 1 and 2 look up close. They look similar at first glance, but the eyeshadows have different textures ranging from matte, frosted, satin, and glittery. That's why the shades could look similar on the pans but actually contribute different effects in real life.

Aaand here are shades 3 and 4. 3 is more standout with its copper tone and 4 with its chocolate brown tone. They really are distinct. I was actually thinking twice about shade 4 because it's already quite a common shade theme, but weell I'm glad I got it in the end because it's sooo pretty in real life.

And finally, this is still sealed as I write this buy this is the Water Light Tint in 02-Dreamy Peach. In the swatches on the website this looks like a gloss hahaha.. so I have actually yet to try it and see how it truly behaves.

So yaaaay that's it!!! There are always new cutesie collections and collaborations that Korean beauty brands do so keep an eye on them. Also do keep an eye on them when they make their way to Althea because these kinds of items are soooo apt as gifts. People suddenly lose their concept of favored products and brands when cute collaborations are involved, so your worries of giving someone a product or brand they might not like get resolved.