I am sooooo sorrryyyy. This blog post was due to be up waaaay back in June, but so many things happened from that time on that only now that I am finishing off my 2016 backlog officially that I can legitimately attend to this. This blog post is late even in the blogosphere because I think people have now moved onto other cheap thrills. But nonetheless since I already slaved over the product shots and swatches I might as well talk about them all here. 

This is Menow's Kissproof lipstick, and I had the privilege of being able to swatch all 19 shades thanks to Rizalyn of Fordachic. I was supposed to aggressively link to her store here in this post out of gratitude, but when I last checked, her IG store is no more. Perhaps she moved onto other ventures. 

I want to get down to talking about the product already because there's plenty to discuss given that there are 19 shades!
Shade Selection: With 19 shades, there's bound to be something you'll like! The 19 shades were able to cover pinks, mauves, reds, browns, and even had metallic entries. Personally, though, I wish that all the similar shades had numbers near to each other for convenience in parlance. For instance 10, 13 and 18 are reddish. They could have given the reddish shades 1-3 or 10-12 instead... Since some of the shades are very near each other color wise, it would have been nice to have the numbers one after another so that for most of the swatches that will be done on the internet, the nuances between each shade will immediately be apparent to people. 
Color Payoff: These are very vivid lipsticks, and thankfully, what you see on the tube is what you get. Never a dull moment with these lippies. 
Pigmentation: These lippies go on very, very opaquely. It's not hard to build up color with these as they go on so intensely so quickly. These are meant to be the baddest, most opaque matte lippies you've ever seen. This isn't a buildable formula per se because the options you have are intense and more intense. There's no mild setting with this product. 
Texture: This is the most unique part about this product. It glides on like a lipstick but sets and dries into a certain state as if it were a liquid lipstick. While it sets, it's a bit sticky, but the formula feels less stiff compared to a liquid lipstick. When it does set, light smacking will not disturb the product so it won't feel sticky. But if one presses one's lips, it does feel sticky while one is un-pressing. 

By far, these are among the mattest lipsticks I've ever seen. Like soooo matte. No matter what the market will churn out, these will be undefeated in terms of matteness for a while. This is already liquid lipstick kind of matte in the guise of a lip crayon. Despite the price, this looks luxuriously rich on the lips. 

Generally it has a thin, wispy feel to it, and it feels lightweight. One does know that it's there because of the powdery feel one has on the inner lips. And to a certain extent, lips feel somewhat taut with this product on, but I will clarify that the feeling of tautness is still at a far degree compared to when one is using a liquid lipstick. There is no feeling of plastering cement on one's lips with this product. 
Comfort: For something so matte, this is among the most comfortable offerings in the market, especially when one will evaluate this with respect to liquid lipstick. However, as a lipstick, it is very, very dry, and some people are bound to be bothered by it. 

One other thing that some might find annoying is the fact that this has the tendency to "powder" up when one rubs one's lips. Like it has the tendency to have this feeling of flaking off when one rubs one's lips when it's on. Not long one will feel like so much has flaked off. 
Longevity: This product's longevity is perhaps another major thing that caused it to be so hyped and so acclaimed in the recent months. When I swatch lipsticks, I normally just tissue off the swatch and move on to the next one. And then I occasionally use rubbing alcohol after every few swatches to get rid of reddish residues left behind. But with this, I had to use baby oil every single time. And it was baby oil with rubbing! It was a very labored kind of removal. These stay put crazily well. 

It does the same on the lips. Once it sets, it stays put and barely transfers at all. The formula doesn't move around a lot. One will reaaally need to eat a lot of oily foods before this breaks down. But even for most dishes, this product stays strong. I have been to many blogger events wearing this and there has never been a need to retouch even after eating and socializing. I can afford to apply this before leaving the house and not need a retouch all night long. 

Value For Money: These are sooo cheap everywhere that I really see any reason for anyone to not try this. I honestly don't know how much these cost now given that every week someone can sell it for cheaper than the rest and the price point seems to be dropping even further. 

Overall Feedback: This is a high performing product at a very low price. Perhaps its questionable origins and questionable formulation are its real weaknesses. I can't blame the people who are scared to try this because of its lack of FDA documentation. In China, while this is not an unknown product, it's not hyped either. It doesn't have the same kind of fame it has here in the Philippines and in Indonesia, so even in China, I have no idea if this is passing standards. 

It doesn't smell nice either. It smells like gas/chemicals/wax so it's probably another reason why this can't fully make a name for itself. It smells too sketchy despite having a very high performing formula. 

Sooo that's basically it for my feedback. There are 19 shades so let's get started!

This is a metallic copper-red color. This is not a pure metallic red as #7 exists, though the photos may make it seem like it. 

Tis is a bright cherry pink, akin to fuchsia. 

It's not apparent here in the photos, but this is actually a plummy brown. Perhaps in some nomenclature this would pass as burgundy, though it still lacks the hue and the drama to count as such. 

This is a very bubblegum-ish pink with a touch of coral. 

This is a nudy brown shade with reddish undertones. 

This is also a nudy brown shade, but instead this is a clay color. Take it as a watered down version of our palayok. 

This is the true neutral cherry red. This shade leans toward the cool side as it's bordering on cherry pink. But it lacks the purple undertones to really make it pass as cherry pink. 

This is a nudy brown with a mauve undertone. This is much cooler than #5 and #6. 

This is a soft nudy coral pink, which is why this is one of my favorites off the whole bunch. 

This is what most would characterize as chilli red, or red orange. 

This is yet another plummy brown, but compared to #03, this is predominantly brown, not predominantly plummy. This is what I truly would call as burgundy. 

This is what I'd characterize as a dark mauve. It is a less reddish, more milky version of #03 ad a less brownish version of #11. 

This is a shocking red with bluish undertones. This is one of the most beautiful shades in the whole bunch if you ask me, though I'm not the type to sport very shocking reds like this on a daily basis. 

This is a deep fuchsia color, and to some it may be an orchid pink color. 

This is a rosy mauve color. This is yet another shade that a lot of people will love for everyday use. 

A cheery hot pink color with a touch of nude. This has gotten me the most compliments among all the Menow shades I've worn to events. 

A true nude color. No undertones, just nude. 

A neutral red, perfect for most Pinay skintones. 

A bright orange shade for the orange lovers out there (not me hahaha)

Due to the nature of the product, I apologize if my lip swatches have plenty of smudges and stains. I did all 19 shades in one sitting in my desire to retain the same photography settings. Nonetheless, I hope these swatches help when you're eyeing to buy this for the holidays!!! 

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