Hair color is more or less a monthly task, but of course, the finances required to maintain a monthly dye job can make a dent on one's budget. Especially for those who dye to cover grey hair-- it can be quite hard to keep up with the grey hair. Sample Room is thus proud to carry Shades Cream Hair Dye and more or less be the official introducer of this product in the market. Thus far, Sample Room is the only place I've learned about this product! This will be all the 55,000 roommates' little secret for now...

But it's a secret that won't stay a secret for long because this has plenty of things to brag about despite being the newcomer. One, this is probably the cheapest at Php120 per box for up to shoulder length hair. Two, this boasts that this has no parabens nor heavy metals (lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium), hence its #SureAndSafe claims. Third, this boasts nourishing ingredients in the mix such, specifically hydrolyzed wheat protein.  

They graciously sent over a reaaally big box complete with a brush, a bowl, clips, a cape, and of course, the products. So thoughtful of them; I highly appreciate the gesture! Unfortunately, my hair is being maintained right now by another hair color company, and as such, I cannot use this.

This is all about its Sure and Safe formula. There are plenty of wares from overseas that are cheap and unregulated, making it a risk for the user everytime. This is probably as cheap as a lot of the hair colors we see in divisoria and 168, but with the guarantee that it's legit. This is made by Splash corporation, makers of MaxiPeel, FlawlesslyU, and Vitress, to name a few of their star brands. This, from my Googling, actually used to be Shades by Kolours and was meant for grey hair. But then there's this now.

I am not sure if they reformulated altogether, or just changed the image of the brand to make it more youth savvy (the youth who happen to be more hair color savvy right now). I do not know the specific dynamics in the hair dye industry, but I am guessing that there is a move not only from this brand but from virtually all its competitors to make their products more youthful in order to target a younger audience. People who dye grey hair aren't as good as customers, because technically, they will buy 1 box and mix just enough for their regrowth everytime. They can extend a box for a long time. People's hair can only grow so much in a month or in a quarter. Unlike the youth who are looking to change up their look and will use one whole box each time. And typically, the youth have long hair often needing more than 1 box each time. Well, these are my thoughts only, these do not reflect the opinions of the marketing team of this company. 

Moving forward, this brand is proud to unveil 5 shades that Pinays will most typically need. Get them on Sample Room for only 50 points (so cheap!) by clicking on the links below: 

Since I wasn't able to try this on myself, here are photos of the boxes' models:

Sifting through the reviews on Sample Room, these are the key points I got from majority of the reviews I saw:
 -This is not damaging and leaves the hair soft even without using hair treatments after
-People are happy that this is cheap
-Many people made their moms use it, so I think this is a good tita gift this Christmas...
-A lot of people liked that this is gentle on the head and has no stinging sensation
-This is creamy and doesn't drip like other cream dyes do
-1 box is not enough for shoulder length hair according to many roommates
-The most common complaint is that the change cannot be felt. One needs to have bleached hair to make hair dye come alive, and this is no exception
-This has no mixing bowl nor mixing bottle, so one will need to buy a dye bowl or sacrifice an old bowl which one will permanently dedicate for hair color
-It doesn't come with a treatment sachet

Will you try this? Lemme know! 

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