I am considered to be among the youngest bloggers who are more or less deemed as the "regulars" in events. But this box made me realize how old I am! I know that the Vampire Diaries exists, and that's basically it. I don't know the storyline, the characters-- nada. And as such, I apologize in advance if the items in this special limited edition curated box by Saladbox do not resonate to me with respect to the story. I have no idea of the story's elements or inside jokes, so I definitely have no idea about whether these items interplay with that or not. 

But all I can talk about is how giddy I am to be receiving a mystery beauty box! It's always fun to receive a mystery beauty box. And whether or not it's a mystery, it's just always fun to receive beauty products. Saladbox is also crossing over to ecommerce so you may want to check out their wares if you're looking for great holiday deals! 

Sink Your Teeth One Last Time! Gah I feel so old they're on their last season apparently, and it's Season 8! I kinda remember this starting in the latter years of high school, and for most of my college days, it seemed to be a popular show amongst high school girls. Now that I am out of college I still haven't had time to binge watch it. College life in UP is hectic, and watching shows is a commitment, so it's only now that I'm out of school that I can really sit down to take on series like this. 

Sooo upon opening, I am immediately greeted by Mary Kay favorites! This is my first official Mary Kay acquisition like everrr. My mom has received Mary Kay items before and they're nice, but this is officially the first one officially addressed to me. They sent a very beautiful red lipstick, perfect for the holidays. 

I am the most excited about this product! These are the Black Mallows Fluffy Scrub bath crinkles from Skin Genie. I will save you from the squinting and will type the description on the packet: 
"Chosen carefully, this power packed scrub has the ability to nourish, rejuvenate, and give the skin plenty of nourishment"

It hasforbidden rice, activated charcoal, niacinamide, rolled oats, cranberry and apricot beads, grapeseed oil and sodium bicarbonate. 

The most exciting part to me is that these look like choco crinkles!!! From what I can deduce based on sniffing the bag, it also does seem to smell like it!!! I am sooo excited to be using these I think I'd be the baddest grandma in da hood with these scrubs.

They also sent in a trial bottl of Aloecure's Dailu Dietary Supplement. In general beauty drinks like these take a while to work so I won't be able to give a strong verdict as I only have 1 bottle here, but it's great to have disovered something new. 

I also received a generous helping of samples! I got AloeDerma Natural's Aloe Vera Gel. I have yet to try it out! 

I also got a sample of the super popular GlamGlow mask. I received a sample years ago and I really liked it when I tried it. My skin felt so clean afterwards. So this is going to be interesting! 

Aaaand they generously sent samples of Thierry Mugler's Alien over. I am a fan of mysterious, overpowering woodsy fragrances so I've long been a fan of this fragtance. I know Thierry Mugler is popular for Angel, but personally I like Alien more. 

Last but not the least is a sample bar of Sofia's Glutathione soap. I apologize if I can't say much as the label is waaaay too smalll and faint. I can barely red anything aside from the fact that it's gluta and it's Sofia's. 

I always keep notes and letters from the people who send packages over, so this lovely note from Ria will also make its way to my letter drawer. Call me a trash compact, but I always treat letters and notes from brands I work with as important and I always keep them. 

Last but not the least, don't forget to watch Vampire Diaries on ETC! I have yet to start from season 1 so I won't be able to watch along with this current airing on ETC hahahaha

Yaaaaaay! This and to more pretty boxes to come! <3 

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